Taking a Leap of Faith


October is an interesting time for me. It marks the anniversary of leaving Spain to temporarily move to England. It also marks my move from England to Scotland, the anniversary of my move to the USA, my wedding, my sister’s wedding, the birth of my niece, and starting new jobs.

I am reflecting on this as I type this blog. It seems as if October has been my time for true transitions and leaps of faith.

Ten is the number of endings and beginnings, the wheel of fortune turning in your favor, t also connects us to the source of who we are. As the veil is thinning, so it’s our ability to notice the messages that our Soul broadcasts. It is easy to be enveloped in a cloud of confusion when we submerge in our everyday tasks and duties. We simply do not notice the unseen. We do not want to acknowledge it because we do not have time.

It is in October that both worlds come closer and we can embark on that journey to the mysteries of our life. Why are we here? Where are we going?? What is the reason for this existence?

I have been questioning these and other questions, …but when I look back I can see that my life has been orchestrated in ways that go beyond my wildest dreams.  The common denominator was trust.

I decided to trust in the revelation, that I would see the full picture eventually. I have learned that the big picture is not revealed in one big part…but more in smaller chunks. You see, our Soul understands the rhythms of a 3D world and the constructs of linear time. We would be overwhelmed and scared if we saw the big full picture without having the time to assimilate and process each chapter.

When I look back, I understand …I already knew that my Soul was nudging me to embrace the fact that I was a pre-millennial. I was to break the established normal in my environment. You see…my friends, school colleagues, and relatives lived in the same area and intended to continue living there. They wanted to have a job, buy a house and marry someone local. When I was 18, I was dating my high school sweetheart. Everyone thought that we would marry. He was nice. I thought I was happy until one day, when I looked into the future, I did not see him with me. He was not there. I panicked. I realized that I did not want that life and that thinking about staying with him made me feel oppressed and closed down. That realization was hard. That was my first break up. I listened to myself.

Fast forward 6 years…I had been learning English and German. I had a fascination with the German language and seemed to pick it up faster than English. My sisters decided to move to England as Au-Pairs for a year. I knew that If I wanted to tackle the language block with the English language, I had to take a leap of faith and just do it. I needed expansion. I needed an adventure. I needed to prove myself that I could do it. I signed up.

Days before moving, I saw an old friend in the supermarket. I mentioned my move to England, and he was pretty shocked and asked me why in the world, I would want to move to England. I told him that I decided that I wanted to be fluent in English. He then proceeded to let me know that learning English would not guarantee that I would get a job, that I was better off studying to become a government employee. He told me that it was a waste of time and that I would not get the results that I was looking for.

It was a very negative and discouraging perspective. However, I had decided to try. To put all my eggs in that basket and so, I took the money I saved working that summer and paid for my flight and three months of tuition for full-time language school.

I moved to London a month after my sisters. Exactly on 10/10/97.  I was scared. It was grey and cold. I also realized that I did not understand anybody. I learned English, paid for private tutors in Spain but when it came to the moment of truth…I did not understand the real deal. Imagine that!

I lived with a widower and her daughter. I was to take care of her while mom went to work. I went to school every day. It was hard. I got lost many times; people were rude because I did not speak English. When I was sick, I had to find a way to communicate with doctors. However, I made great friends and then one day after months of being there, I stopped trying to translate. I allowed the flow of words to fill me, to simply understand without forcing a pre-determined meaning. That was a breakthrough!

That decision turned into one of the most important decisions of my life. It shaped my destiny! Even though I planned to move to England for one year, I ended up staying for eight years and then two additional years in Scotland before I moved to the USA.

If I had known the full picture back in 1997, I would have been too terrified to take the leap. Are you telling me that I am leaving home for over 20 years??? When will I be back???

I don’t even know when I will be back, but I trust in the plan. I trust that I am where I am supposed to, and that supports the reason why I am here.

Learning English was vital in allowing me to expand my life, make new friends, travel around the world, work in the travel industry, take spiritual courses, join groups, and yes…opened to jobs I could have never qualified for otherwise. I experienced other cultures by accepting the good and the bad, by being respectful while cultivating my curiosity.

That leap of faith is the reason why I am here today, typing this blog in my home in Michigan while I sip on my morning coffee.

My Soul knew that I was destined to move. The feeling was there…those are codes. There is a communication that happens energetically. I like to call them Soul codes because they open doors to opportunities that help you align with your purpose.

I invite you to reflect on the moments where you felt that pull …that shaped your destiny in big ways.  Where would you be right now if you did not take that leap of faith? Can you see the role that trust plays in this unfoldment?

Now, even though I have not yet seen the whole picture. I am content with how things work out. I know more about me that I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow. One thing is certain, when its time to make decisions, …you know.

Have courage, listen, act and live.

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