About Me


Lourdes is an Intuitive Energy Coach and Channel, and specializes in initiating/ strengthening her client’s connection with their Inner Wisdom to then access the unlimited Power of their Soul. When we disconnect from our essence, we live in fear and feel powerless. Life does not seem to flow and often, we experience lack in all forms. When we shift our awareness to expansion and understand who we truly are, we link to higher frequencies and our reality begins to shift. Magic begins .My role is to support and open the doorway to shift your life to live abundantly and on purpose.

My Philosophy

BlueAlchemy is a loving space where you are encouraged to be as much of YOU as you can be. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and you have the ultimate say in whether you want to do something about it or not. Your Free Will is sacred and can never be taken away from you.  For that reason, and because of the love and respect from my Soul to yours, I don’t believe or practice Fortune Telling, Instead, I believe that GUIDANCE is the way to empower yourself so that you can see a path forward, evaluate the options and challenges ahead, how to approach them to then make your decision. You paint your future with the decisions and actions in this moment. Regarding channeled systems and courses that I teach. My offerings are aligned with my own philosophy and frequency. I have personally worked with these energies and I am confident that they will also serve you on your path

My Methods

BlueAlchemy’s intuitive work is practical, down to earth and simple.  Being highly intuitive and trained as a Medical Intuitive, I am able to scan your energy field and pinpoint areas that need balancing. Then we can treat blockages and imbalances applying the most appropriate method according to each specific need. I am Reiki Trained as well as other energy healing systems such as Rahanni Celestial Healing, Lightarian Reiki,  Kundalini Reiki, Tibetan Reiki Master and Chios.

I have also trained as an advanced Shamanic Healer, Magical Herbalism, Crystal Healing and Color Therapy. 




My Goals

My Goal is to energetically support you and coach you to clear blockages in order to see your path forwards and experience your connection to the Universe.
You paint your future with your thoughts and expectations, with your powerful imagination. You, and only you, know what resonates as your Truth. Nobody can decide for you what your truth is. The work that you came here to do is very important and you are needed to fulfill that purpose. 
My intention is to offer you a spark of light and divine love so that you can feel empowered and connected. I am highly intuitive and during our session, I connect to your energy field and open up to deliver messages from your guides and other beings of light. 

30 or 60 minute sessions

Do you have questions? Need clarity?  Schedule a Phone or Audio Reading!

This is an Intuitive/ Psychic reading.  Tarot & Oracle Cards are tools, but the information always comes from Spirit.
 As an Intuitive and Channel, I facilitate the connection for my client, so that there is a clear understanding of the situation, the choices and possibilities in this now moment. That way it is possible to align with the path that feels right. 
You can expect to connect with your guides, angels, ancestors and other members of your spiritual team/lineage. 

As a Shamanic and Intuitive Healer, I connect to you energetically and interpret the information in various ways. Each session is different.

All sessions are recorded via Zoom. You will receive a confirmation with code to access the session on the date/ time that you select. Also an email with files will be sent after the session is completed. That way, you can listen to it as many times as necessary. Some people like to write down key points of the session as a way to stay centered on purpose.

For convenience, you can now schedule your session immediately upon purchase. You will also receive your meeting Id and details to connect for your reading session.


90 minute sessions

Every session begins with a 15/20 mins phone call. I will connect with you, and tune in to receive guidance regarding your particular situation.

I will then begin the energy session for the remaining 60 minutes.

The focus of the session will be established during our phone call.


Cord cutting

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Activation

Past Live Clearing

Soul Retrieval

Energy Clearing

Clearing Blockages and Negative energy from energy field.

Lineage Clearing

Animal Spirit Connection

Angelic Healing

and more…

After the session, I will follow up with you with an audio recording with session insights via email.

If you choose the candle work add on, I will also send you a picture. The candle work takes about 2 to 3 hours to be completed.

Custom Crystal Grid Energy Activation

This is a distance energy activation similar than our monthly Crystal Grid Activation events. The difference is that this activation is channeled for you only and it is completely unique. 

What is included?

A manual in PDF with your Instructions to receive  your activation.

Your custom Crystal/ Color Grid Symbol that you can print and work with at home.

A list of crystals that you can work with and that you will be attuned etherically.

Audio notes/insights/ Individual Feedback that I share with you after the activation  has been prepared for you.


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