Video / Phone Reading ~ 30 minutes


Schedule your video or phone session today! All readings are recorded so that you can review the information anytime!


Have questions? Need clarity?  Schedule a video or phone reading!

This is an Intuitive/ Psychic reading.  Tarot & Oracle Cards are tools, but the information always comes from Spirit. As an intuitive and Channel, I facilitate the connection for my client, so that there is a clear understanding of the situation, the choices and possibilities in this now moment. That way it is possible to align with the path that feels right to you.  You can expect to connect with your guides, angels, ancestors and other members of your spiritual team/lineage.

All sessions are recorded via Zoom. You will receive a confirmation with code to access the session on the date/ time that you select. Also an email with files will be sent after the session is completed. That way, you can listen to it as many times as necessary. Some people like to write down key points of the session as a way to stay centered on purpose.

For convenience, you can now schedule your session immediately upon purchase. You will also receive your meeting Id and details to connect for your reading session.

Look forward to connecting with you!

Love, Light and Magic,


Disclaimer:BlueAlchemy never interferes with Freewill therefore, all questions must ALWAYS involved you and not another person. We do not perform any kind of spiritual services without consent. Just to clarify, it is ok for you to receive a reading concerning your family or friends for example because it refers to your relationship with them. It is not ok to abuse free will by entirely reading or scanning another person without their consent. I hope this clarifies any possible misunderstandings.

BlueAlchemy does not diagnose conditions, prescribe substances, replace or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Services are not a substitute for conventional sound medical treatment, medications or psychiatric care. The services provided are non-invasive and safe. If you have any concerns or medical issues you should address them with a qualified physician. Please acknowledge these facts prior to purchase attunements, activations or to receive any kind of holistic healing. Any information imparted prior to, during and/or following treatment is strictly confidential in nature and will not be shared with anyone without the client’s written permission.


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