May Energy Forecast is about focusing on our own unfolding. Spring has finally made its appearance here in Michigan, and this has been one of the longest winters I remember. The good news is that suddenly when I least expected it…my tulips blossomed at once!  May is venturing outdoors and enjoying nature. Flowers represent the time to blossom into the most beautiful, unique and joyous Self. That is exactly what we are experiencing on an energetic level.

If you recall April’s post, we were encouraged to acknowledge our feelings and emotions to then focus on releasing and clearing. This is because we were planting the seeds of a new reality in the Field of Possibilities. Our beliefs directly influence our reality and attract the specific vibration that matches these beliefs, therefore impacting what we experience.  We mentioned that the energetic wave that entered in March was particularly powerful in allowing our vision to become a reality by allowing the cosmic flow to deliver it. It was about acknowledging the power of creation, and taking responsibility for the intentions that we plant in the ‘field’.

The field is not new, in fact, the field is always responding to your input…and this is the single most important truth of our own essence. This field is outside of us, it is also within…it is everywhere because the entire universe is made out of energy. In Quantum Physics it is known as the ‘Quantum Field’. It is the field that shapes the material world. Some call it the Field of Possibilities. We could even picture it as a Web of Light that connects All that Is.

You are creating the world you live in by engaging the field. The world that we see if the result of energy, shaping us. If we could recognize that we can access that light in a different way to then create a different world, we would take the first step towards manifesting a new reality that is indeed to acknowledge that we are powerful creators. Your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes shape the world that we experience, and we can change it.

Why is May’s Energy Forecast about Blossoming?

May Energy Forecast Blossom
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May’s vibration resonates with number 5 to stimulate change and movement forward. It is no coincidence that spirit shows a flower blossoming to energetically represent the energetic shift that we are experiencing. Becoming that which represents the beauty of our essence.

The next Crystal Grid Activation will take place on 5/5 and will stimulate the qualities of the vibration of 5/5 such as flexibility, freedom, enjoyment of life, loving innovation and change, balance and confident approach to life while remaining curious and versatile. Adaptability is a great gift and if we observe Mother nature, we notice that each plant blossoms according to the cycles of nature and its environment. Did you notice that the tulips bloomed almost a month after that last year? This is an example of adaptability and flexibility.

May Energy Forecast Tips

Spirit shows that May is a time to celebrate and be grateful for all your achievements and victories.  We have left behind a dark phase of struggle to begin a new phase of hope, glory, light, and triumph. It was hard and spirit acknowledges your commitment to your path and mission.

A new consciousness within you is born. There is new life all around us, to bring more wholeness and fulfillment. I am also shown the importance of speaking not only your truth but words of power. It will cause life to thrive and that which does not match its vibration to dissipate and decline. Listen to your own intuition as you speak these words as they can be mantras, affirmations, prayers, or any other sounds of light language codes.

Be assertive with your own truth and do not be afraid to say ‘no’ when you really mean it. Set clear boundaries. May is also about releasing the energetic burden that does not serve you to truly participate in life. You are not an outsider, you belong and you are part of the big tapestry.

Your Intuition is Spot on.

A few days ago I shared on my Facebook group that our intuition was sharper.  I noticed that there is a cleaner energy that is very supportive of us, intuitive, and empaths. We will be able to read through people a lot faster, and deeper. The negative is that we will see the world differently. We will see through the junk and lies in every sphere of our reality and yes, it can be hard. It takes time to get used to it. What my guides say is that the best way forward is to accept the truth in a positive way, to lighten up and find the humor in the new discoveries. My guides showed me that in the next few weeks it will be even more noticeable, and it has to do with the thinning of the veil. I am shown that it will progressively increase until the summer solstice next month. We will be able to see beyond illusion and we need to be ready to accept reality or be willing to change it. Remember that you have control.

May Energy Forecast Channeled Message:

” Do not believe what others impose upon you, do not accept their views as your Truth. Rely on your own vision and your heart as your compass. Your spirit guides, Master Teachers and Spiritual Family are now transmitting more information and energy than previously, as a way to support you as you manifest a new reality. Be open to this communication. Be willing to allow the flow of communication to be part of your everyday experience.You are a channel of light, and you are wise. Telepathy is natural, it is one of your great gifts. Allow your inner sun to shine and feel your courage.  You are worthy and you are strong.  Take a leap of faith in the direction of your purpose. It is never late.”

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It takes courage to come to terms to the idea that in order to leave behind the pain and sorrow of birthing a new life, you need to be willing to accept the experiences that come with it. May activates the flame of transmutation, tapping into the Divine Wisdom of your Spirit and the depth of your own Soul. The gate is open and you can now peek beyond the veil to see the expansiveness and light of the Universe. Everything and anything is possible.

Love and Gratitude,



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