I decided to include a global message for this month for many reasons but mainly because I have been tapping into the collective fear that is overwhelming, to say the least…

I have been feeling restless and Spirit showed me that there are messages that need to be shared and divulged. Let’s begin! 🙂

We are entering a period of emotional turmoil and it is vital that we remain aware and alert so that we can make the necessary adjustments to stay centered in our power.

The collective fear is so great that there is a risk of integrating this fear into our own lives without even noticing that it is happening.  Power is key. How does your solar plexus feel? listen.

Interestingly enough, I wrote this message on February 28th and two days later I got really sick with a stomach virus which makes sense because of what I just described.

Fear takes power away but…What gives you power??? What is the opposite of Fear??? That’s right, you got it. Trust. Courage. Confidence.

These are the energies that need to be activated in March. It is imperative that we do so that we do not give our power away to …the scary thing that is ‘out there’. There is fear of the new virus, fear of the economic recession, fear of the results of the upcoming elections, fear of the unknown, …and the list goes on, and on, and on…Spirit showed me that the level of anxiety is simply too high to draw joy and love into our lives. It is true that what is going in in the world is a serious matter and that fear is to a certain point, necessary in this instance. Do not look the other way because the time to act is now.   Step into your power.

The more we stay in the fear/anxiety vibration leads to panic. Panic means that we give away control. This is the time to go within and connect, find your strength and your wisdom. Follow the steps that are necessary to keep you safe and in control of your destiny. Nobody else can do for you what you can do for yourself.   Decide today that you are taking back the reigns of your life. 

March Global Reading

We are encouraged to rise above the issues that we face to see the solution that is right in front of us. The Quantum Field is all around and within us…and it is infinite. We are always playing in the field and our energy determines what we experience. Can you see what is happening here??? The media is powerful and I am grateful to be able to reach you via the internet but communications are not always of pure intend. There are agendas and your job is not to hide away but to open to the flow and notice the what’s and the why’s…see, feel, sense, hear, know…hone in…refine …trust…and learn to listen to your truth. That is your personal compass that will keep you safe, happy and right on track. Auto-pilot is not your friend right now. Take the reigns.

global reading march

Lets now look at the tarot cards for the month. If you notice…cups are the central theme. This is the water element…the emotional body…and March is mainly the month of Pisces… water and intensively emotional sign. Be ready to become comfortable with your emotions because there is no way to hide them. The Universe delivers the chance to honor your feelings. 

There are feelings of nostalgia about the past, about the good old days…and it is ok to remember the experiences and people of our past, but not at the expense of the happiness of today. Each moment is an opportunity to create something that truly matters. Dwelling on past mistakes and pain can only lead to more of it. The same when we nurture the belief that the past was and will always be the happiest time of our lives. Build new memories today.

The second card lets you know that March is the perfect time to let go and move on.  This is the time to leave a situation that is not for your highest good. To choose your battles and retrieve when necessary. Simple leave. Let it be.

Choose happiness. Choose to live in joy. Choose love. 

There is a chance to relocate for some of you. Globally it means that there is movement. Relocations…and changes…big changes… As I type this I hear that we are beginning to see the changes that will continue to take place globally in the months to come. This is the domino effect. We are purging emotionally and the ugly is now visible… not to ignore it, fight it or run away from it…but transmute it. I was shown Magenta color as a very powerful vibration that the world needs now more than ever. Send Magenta Light to every corner of the planet. From the Space down…to each city, to each hospital…to each person.  I will follow up on this on a separate post. 

The elephant in the room is not new…it was there for a long time. Some saw it from the beginning,  few are yet to see it…and the Queen of cups tells us that it is through serenity and love that we can move the elephant to a more suitable location that brings harmony to all. Center yourself. Calm your emotions and be loving and gentle. Allow the magic and healing of the water element to bring healing to the world. In the end, this global purging is about healing. 

Try to swim in the ocean, lake or pools…even take cleansing baths regularly to keep your energy field shiny and clear. You will be glad you did. 

Taking regular baths is very therapeutic. It is good for the mind, body, and spirit. There are a lot of recipes and tips online but the best thing you can do is listen to you. You know what you are drawn to, what works for you…right? I love adding Epsom salts, baking soda and sea salt to my bath. Sometimes I add oils that I prepared and blessed, dried flowers, crystals, essential oils. It really depends.

Now, It is time that we address the global crisis that we are facing. It is no joke… it is real. The virus is real. Now, I am not going to enter into why or how it got here…that is not the point and to be honest, we need to save our energy to keep us healthy and well.

This is not a drill and we must act. Again, the time to listen, trust and follow your guidance is now. I cannot stress it enough and I am sharing this in the most loving, empowering way I can. Please, act and do whatever you need to do to make sure that all your basis as covered. Support your body, get good rest, eat good, take supplements and vitamins, meditate, pray, journal, keep your hands clean and every other tip from your local health authorities, if you love essential oils…explore using them with your diffuser, mists, adding to your cleaning products, laundry…etc. There are so many amazing ones.

Let’s share our own tips and let’s work together. Let’s support each other. Come to the Inner Circle and ask, share, express…be…

Love, Light, and Power.


March Global Reading
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