Interactive Reading March 23rd to March 29th, 2019



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This week’s we are connecting the the energy of candles. <3.

What image are you most drawn to? you can choose more of one if guided .The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–  This week is about communication. I am directed to your throat chakra, and Archangel Gabriel shows up to let you know that it is very important that you pay attention to your words. Not only what you say, but what you think. Your inner chatter. The energies support you in opening up and speaking your truth. Perhaps you had trouble communication emotions or ideas in the past, but you can break that pattern now. Begin by writing in a journal and letting the words flow. Now is the time to express yourself truly and fully, without restrictions.  I am also shown that you may notice increase insights.  You are having a difficult time at the moment…you feel disconnected from your heart’s true path. Look within and open to your inner guidance. Trust your intuition about what you need to learn in order to move on. Spirit also shows that there may be a woman who is misleading you, or giving you misinformation of some sort. Be aware and set boundaries. This is all for your highest and greatest good. Perhaps that’s why communication is so important.  Finally, I am directed to the moon energies. On April 4th, we begin an new cycle. New Moon in Aries!. Spirit shows that it would be a great time to communicate with Spirit and connect to the guidance of your Soul. I hear that you will feel very inspired so take advantage. :-). I will be running the monthly Crystal Grid Activation which focuses on the inner fire of creativity. Check it out and join us if guided. <3.


2–  As I tune into the energies of the week for you, I am shown pyramids and I feel that there is a strong connection to Goddess Isis. I hear that it is about love and the heart. You have been feeling out of balance. The good news is that you will notice a shift in that regard. You are more centered and grounded. I understand that the pyramids are showing the strong foundation and the flow between Heaven and Earth.  Spirit shows that it is about balancing your goals and also your emotional and physical energy.  Work with aquamarine light and place it in your heart center when you feel the need for extra harmony and peace.  This week could also bring to light the ending of a previous connection. If you are waiting to sign a contract such as the sale of a house or other legal document, you could experience a delay. I am shown an angel by your side and I hear that it is for your highest good. Do not give up hope. This is happening for a reason. There is a purpose. The guidance  is to continue to take action and you will soon notice things moving forward again. The point is not to force things. Finally, I am shown that this week there will be some resolution in matters of the heart. There is a female friend that will help you open up and release what you are holding inside plus will give you great advise and support. <3.


3–   The first thing I am shown is the need to be flexible regarding your plans. It feels as if you need to get away, and you would like to take a trip. For some reason there are delays or cancellations.  It feels as if something is standing in your way, or lines of communication may get crossed. Perhaps it would  be a good idea to take advantage of the new moon energies to write your intentions, and light a white candle to open up the possibilities and opportunities for your highest good.  Be flexible and refocus to this present moment. You can create new adventures every day, even in the ordinariness of life. Secondly, I am shown the need to clear old patterns, attachments or cords with people from the past. It seems as if these energies are blocking you from moving forward. Perhaps the delayed journey is also symbolical. Is it your own life path? Do you feel stuck? It is time to break free to an authentic and happy life. You are capable of letting go…or unfortunately this difficult energy will continue to repeat itself, keeping you stuck…and also sad. Sadness is a big part of this energy.  It would be good to focus on deep healing of the heart as well. Release the person or situation involved. Affirm that you are reclaiming your power. Open your heart to the light of divine love and healing and have compassion for yourself throughout this process. 


4–  This week feels peaceful for you. It seems as if you are finally able to take a break, to rest and take some time to simply be. There is an increase in your leisure time which will result in higher productivity as well. It is a win-win situation! :-). Since you are going to feel fresh and rejuvenated, you will have a much sharper mind to plan your next steps. I hear that ‘strategy’ is important for you. Time to plan! First write down your goals and then focus on the strategy to reach them. Structure the short term goals then reach the long term ones.   The energies of the week support you in setting things in order, to take full control. This week also brings deeper love into your life. Either a new love entering your life or the renewal of a loving connection to someone already in your life…the result is tenderness and compassion. Spirit shows that the intention for tenderness must also be directed inwards… and will directly influence the energetic potential of your outer world.  There could be a more balanced approach to family and love at this time. I am shown that there is a potential for some of you to meet a new man. It could be a love interest or a friend…either way, he brings high intentions to help with personal projects, family or home issues. 


From: Energy Oracle Cards from Sandra Anne Taylor.



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