Interactive Reading March 2nd to March 8th, 2019



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Dear everyone! It is time once again for another Interactive Reading. 🙂
What image are you most drawn to? you can choose more of one if guided .The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–  I love the image of camels… what is interesting is that camels are able to store water, which could be interpreted as stored emotions as well. Your guidance this week relates to the water element. The word that I hear is ‘flow’. Are you flowing, or going against the current? Are you storing emotions? Spirit shows that there is something that may trigger those emotions to the surface at a very intense, high rate. It is like an emotional tsunami. Do not be afraid, it symbolizes a wake up call. It means that you are no longer willing to keep what you feel to yourself…and instead you are expressing it.  Another aspect of this week’s message is acknowledging that focused emotion can create anything! The power of a tsunami when focused can break through any blockages.  Follow your instincts as you know intuitively what is right for you.  Are your actions supporting your real passion? If not, take a stand for yourself. Do you you truly want to do. <3


2–    The white dove brings a message from the middle world, which is the real of the day-to-day reality. It is the present moment where everything is happening. This is your sign for you to request assistance from the upper world (heavens) so that you can have the resources to make a change. Meanwhile spend time outdoors because the energy of Green man is very supporting for you.  The keyword for you is ‘synergy’.  It is about the mutual cooperative interaction with Spirit, as your will is aligned with the will of Spirit.   Trust that your Higher Self is always looking out for your best interests so tune into that guidance, however it shows up and you will find that you move through life with greater ease. Notice the profound inner wisdom is coming to you. Stand steady. Journal. . Healing will take place by truly facing the past and letting go. Uncover that truth…You are more than you know!


3– The Swam brings a message from Spirit…’You are safe…remain still and allow inspiration in…it will come’. I was shown that you have been unable to clearly see what is in front of you. The guidance for you this week is not to fight this cloud but to let it sit.  Reflect on your present life, specially focusing on what you are grateful for. When you are finished, consider what is to come, all the possibilities and potential that exist before you. Allow your imagination to take you on a journey to preview what you can manifest and grow…as you do this, you activate your Inner Sheer, that will bring you clarity. The Sheer knows truth and sees reality as it truly is, without judgement.  The gift is to be able to see things as they are. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it always sets you free. This is a week of true power. You are exactly where you need to be…and your vision will be finally clear. That realization is your greatest gift!


4–  The fox brings forth a message…the confirmation that you have been waiting for! Life has gifted you with a destiny that is in alignment with your passion, and in harmony with all existence on Earth. The power of this energy feels like lightning… an initiation that releases what is in the way of your fulfilling your life purpose. This is a time to be courageous and daring. Enjoy a renewed sense of clarity, passion and vision. Your purpose is aligned with ‘Gaia’.  The word I hear is ‘nurturing through Gaia’. The Earth Mother, Mother Goddess, Great Goddess…  You’ve been given the key to open the door to a new reality…and the choice is always yours.   It is time to recover a part of you that has been dormant and finally see the bigger picture . Are you ready to live an inspired future? 


From: Mystical Shaman Oracle by A.Villoldo, C. Baron-Reid & Marcela Lobos, Earth Magic by Steven D. Farmer and Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman.



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