Interactive Reading March 23rd to March 29th, 2019



Interactive Reading
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This week’s Interactive Reading connects with the Angelic Realm. <3.

Some of you are drawn to all four images, perhaps it is because all messages complement each other. 

What image are you most drawn to? you can choose more of one if guided .The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–  The first thing that I am shown is that this week your body is screaming for a rest. To detach and retreat so that you can let go and heal either physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. I heard that you are over doing it and need to take it easy. You are guided to pay attention to the physical realm and notice if you are holding too tight to your material assets.  Are you too frivolous or too cautions with money? This is a perfect week to reevaluate and plan accordingly, but from a place of empowerment and not fear. It is a perfect week to set a solid foundation. The archetype of the Mother is very prominent and implies that as you rest and refocus, you have a potential to tap into something that was left unattended sort of speak. It has to do with birthing your own dreams, and nurturing yourself. To get more information in regards to this, AA Michael shows that it is very important that you pay attention to your dreams as these are full of important information that will help you move forward and align with the true source of abundance. Notice what messages you receive and how they help you with what has been bothering you recently. 

Prayer to AA Michael: “AA Michael, I invite you into my dreams as my teacher, guide and healer. Please allow me to understand this (describe your situation) on a spiritual level and give me guidance”.


2–  Notice how your body responds to what is going on in your life. If you are concerned about something, ask your body for a message. Take time to listen and honor your body’s needs. Intuitively, if something feels off and you are not feeling comfortable in your own skin, that means that is not an optimal path for you. I am shown that you are not sleeping well, and are ‘haunted’ by negative thoughts and beliefs regarding a present situation. You are very worried and expect the worst. Spirit shows that it is time to stop. This stress is toxic for you. The angels show that the archetype that is very present for you is ‘Justice’. It is ok to stand up for your beliefs and do what is right. If you are involved in legal matters, know that the outcome is fair and just for all involved.  AA Michael specific message regarding this is that you have the power to change this situation. Begin by focusing on the fair and just outcome. You are always loved by your Spiritual team!

Prayer to AA Michael: ” AA Michael, please guide me to manifest and heal according to Divine will, creating peace and blessings for everyone involved”.



3–   The answer to your question is ‘yes’. Spirit showed that you were hoping to get a clear answer about something. :-). You also have a lot on your plate and feel overwhelmed at the moment. Spirit shows that it is important to take time this week to detach and find humor and irony in every situation. Laughter is the best medicine! As I type this, I am visualizing Ho-Tei the laughing Buddha. :-). This week is highly emotional to you. Open your heart and mind to those around you and trust the advise that you will receive from a male (or female with strong male energy), this is trustworthy and heartfelt advise.  Your archetype this week is that of the Magician. That means that you have the resources and ability to manifest rapidly.  You are taping into magic of life and notice that as you slow down and increase your vibration through joy, life becomes a magical cauldron. Each ingredient matters. Add more love and joy to your cauldron! Archangel’s Michael’s shows that you will also benefit from spending more time outdoors. As I type this, I hear ‘grounding’ is important. This will increase your energy levels. 

Prayer to AA Michael: ” AA Michael, thank you for motivating me to spend more time outdoors and for helping me relax and enjoy connecting with nature”.


4–  This week you are guided to seek a second opinion regarding an issue. I am shown that this is important and will make a big difference moving forward. You will see the truth of a situation which could potentially be challenging and even upsetting. AA Michael shows that it is ok to release this situation to the Great Spirit, Source, Creator, God-Goddess. The energy I get is that of a new beginning. Fresh ideas, new perspective and clarity. It would be beneficial for you to take notes of the ideas that will be flowing this week non stop. That can be exhausting! 🙂 The Archetype energy for you is ‘The Hermit’. It means that it is important that you spend time in quiet meditation, or simply relaxing. The key is to be at peace. The Hermit also symbolizes a journey of Self-discovery which confirms that spending time alone allows you to see the truth that was previously hidden. This is also an optimal time to join classes and learn something that resonates deeply. It is possible that in your dream time you will be learning from your Master Guides so be sure to always have pen and paper available upon awakening. 

Prayer: ” Dear God,  please help me let go of this situation, giving it in faith and trust to your Divine Wisdom and Infinite Love in order to resolve and heal everything and everyone involved”..


From: AA Raphael Oracle, AA Michael Oracle by Doreen Virtue & The Angel Tarot by D.Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.



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