Interactive Reading March 2020

Interactive Reading

Happy March!

It is time for another Interactive Reading.Go within and center yourself and choose the image that you are drawn to.

Each image unlocks a specific message for the month of March.

Trust your intuition.

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Interactive Reading Reveal

Option 1 ~ Bird

Match Interactive Reading

For those drawn to this option, March is proving to be a very powerful time despite the chaos in our world. For you it is all about the power of the heart and how your true feeling shine through. There is a time of purging, of sadness, experiencing fear …and then empowerment and clarity. 

The first card, the Ace of cups indicades that there is a beginning but I sense that it represents THE HEART. It represents the opening of the powerful center and going back to source. It is the center and the doorway to the Soul. March brings you back to center and to basics. Finding your way back ‘home’ that is you. Going back to love, going back to simplicity and the unleashing of our true selves. 

Our lives have been shaken up to the core and the extra baggage and extra weight has fallen off our pockets…we have released the extra stuff that no longer serve us …and what is left is US. Our heart and true essence.

Our light can never be taken away from us but it can be dimmed if we are not conscious.  

The second card, the Hermit is very reassuring and complements the opening of the heart. It also relates to goign within and spending time alone, in quiet reflection, meditation and contemplation. The answers that you seek will come from that space, in solitude.  The hermit also represents spending time in your sacred space, or the safety of your home.

Spirit shows that we can make the most of a negative situation by taking the opportunity to go within and do the things that we dont get to do because of lack of time. The world requires that we stay home because of the present pandemic and that can be scary. However, I am shown that we can work on Self care and take this time away from the every day world as an opportunity to replenish and balance from the inside out. Let’s embrace our Inner Hermit! What can you discover about yourself? 

The third card is very reassuring as the “Star” lets us know that there is HOPE. There is also a deeper message here that comes from the Stars. We are not alone and we are always connected to the cosmos,  and the light of the Creator. We do not need to accept what is imposed upon us as the truth, but simply as a possibility. It is up to us to embrace a different posibility. Through your own inner work and the opening of your heart, you will know what that reality entails for you. 

The Star bring the energy of renewal as well. It is the card of hope, inner hope, creativity and healing. For many there will be physical and emotional healing taking place in the next couple of weeks. 

The energy from Venus is very present for you, also Goddess Isis and Thoth. 

March Interactive Reading

Additionally, March is the opportunity to “answer the call” . This is all about your Soul’s purpose. The message in the card says “The time is now”. You have been postponing things, waiting for the right time, and the truth is that Spirit shows that the time to step forward and do your work is now.  When you receive this call, you must respond…trust your heart. 

Even though you are opening the door to the unknown… by answering your call, you open the door to personal healing and happiness. Answering your call, following your heart and doing what you came here to do will change your life in amazing ways.  Fullfillment is the word that keeps popping up…and I feel it is one of the most powerful gifts that we can receive. 

Be the beacon of light that you know you are…and light the path, be the light and most importantly, be authentically you. <3. 

Option 2 ~ Woman

March Interactive Reading

If you are drawn to this option…the energy for March is somehow difficult for you. You are experiencing pain, sadness and complete desolation. You feel that your heart is breaking into tiny pieces and are also experiencing deep fear…to the point that it hurts. 

Firstly, let me address something as I am receiving a lot of information at once and I really want to address the energy of the collective. Please be aware that if you are reading this message right now, you are very sensitive to energies. You are an empath. The collective energies are powerful…the whole world is repeating the same thought and feeling the same scary feelings at once…there is a powerful energy field that we cannot escape from, however you can neutralize it by acknowledging what belongs to you and what does not. The collective energy is affecting your deeply.

Others are experiencing personal loss and drama in their personal lives. 

On the other hand, we are also experincing fear of the unknown and for some of us that see and read between the lines, we can tell that there is something else going on…that is hidden.  The card of the Moon confirms that. Your are so intuitive that you can see that truth and you are now very distressed, It is understandable.  If you look at the image of the Moon, you can see a big torch and the woman getting ready to walk the path of the unknown. That is you!  Regardless of how afraid you are, you will walk the path of the unknown courageously, and not only that…you will guide others, you will light the path to others. 

March is a time of delays and you are encouraged to come to terms with it and accept it. Focus your energy on something else. There is a lot of drama, sadness and conflict in your environement that really drains your energy. Be aware of it. 

You have psychic powers and this is the time to trust your insights. Do a protection ritual, take a bath and cleanse your energy.  Do a house clearing and blessing as I am shown that it will be very helpful for you.

The Page of Swords card is about being vigilant and practicing caution. It also indicates that you have the ability to end conflicts and negative situations in your environment. There is a Spirit guide that is trying to get your attention and give you a very important message. Please listen.

March Interactive Reading

March also brings opportunities for you. It is through pain and sadness that we open the heart, but also how we step into our power in say…”no more”. The Page of Swords represents the readiness to stand up for yourself and say ‘no’ and truly mean it. Set boundaries…and protect your temple.

If you notice, the next card is “Gates of Triumph” which represents a new chapter. The opening of a new opportunity.  Spirit lets you know that success expands in your life. It is a confirmation about taking action and leaving behind negative people and situations. It is true that we are living difficult times but it is up to us how we handle it. We control our energy, not the environment. If you shift your energy, everything else shifts as well. Look at the beauty and expansion that awaits you…<3.

The card of the Temple Path is very interesting as I am shown that in your case it represents your spiritual evolution. It confirms that the path you are on…leads to a blessed temple. What is going on right now, is part of your Soul process. You are on your karmic path and healing in the right direction, and the choices you make now are important for your personal growth and life lessons. 

This is a life expanding time for you. Keep in mind your personal priorities as well as your Spiritual connection. Following your higher intentions will help you move your life forward in amazing ways. <3. 

Option 3 ~ Flower

March Interactive Reading

I am sure that by now, you are very much aware of the challenges that we are facing collectively. March is pushing you outside your comfort zone and you are extremely uncomfortable right now…but it will pass, and it will allow you to discover aspects of your being that you did not know existed.  The veil lifts away and you can finally see where you are going, you can re-route and place your resources in more effective ways. 

Lets beging with your first card, the High Priest or in the traditional Tarot, “The Hierophant” . This card is very spiritual and shows that you are on a personal quest seeking truth…and that you have a Spiritual Team supporting you on this quest. Your answers are not in the outer world, but within. It is time to stop looking outside of yourself because you are on ‘information overload’. Right now, the best thing that you can do is to slow down, and find your own answers. It is ok to seek counsel from a professional but ultimately, you must make the decision about what course of action you are taking. How you are going to approach your present situation. You are wise.

Additionally, the King of Swords appears as a warning for you. If you make decisions make solely on what appears to be the ‘right’ choice, or the practical choice, or what experts recommend as a generic advice…or you go ahead and make impulsive decisions out of fear, or because it is the logical plan of action…or because others are doing so…please STOP now.  This is a warning and you can end up regretting acting impulsively. Consider stepping back and find your own truth in this situation. Turn your own knowledge into action and be an example to others.  Do what feels right! Do what you know is the right thing to do.

The High Priestess card is also a very spiritual card and shows that March is a time of initiation and learning. This card encourages you to seek knowledge within. Use your intuition and trust your instincts.  This is not the time to let your emotions rule you, instead it is an opportunity for growth and a chance to gain real insight and understanding.

The High Priestess teaches you to be strong, wise and steady. As I type this I am shown that in one moon cycle things will settle down for you and you will have a better understanding of the bigger picture. 

If you notice the Priest/Priestess energies surround you…this is a powerful time!

March Interactive Reading

The card “Woman Holding a Coin” shows the material world and particularly, finances. There is a woman that can assist you in that regard. It can be a business coach, accountant or simple a friend.  Take her advice but always listen to your wisdom and act on it. The word that is relevant for you is ‘value’.  It will take you some time to get this right as a part of you resists placing a number or cost to a service or item that you offer. Do not worry as the alignment will take place eventually.

The second card “Fogged In” confirms that you cannot see clearly your path forward and for that reason, it is best that you go slow and take your time before making a decision. 

Move away from the rapid pace of life and step into stillness. Take time to tune in to your deeper intuition. Power is born in those times when you relax into the present moment. <3.


The Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan.

Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn.

Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.


Interactive Reading March
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