Interactive Reading July 29th to August 4th, 2019


Interactive Reading July 29

This week’s choices are:  Clematis, Hibiscus and Peony.
These images are all taken with my camera here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
What image speaks to you? This week we will be working with two amazing card decks: The Anubis and Isis Oracle 

The reveal is available below.

Enjoy the messages!


Interactive Reading Reveal


Option 1

Your first card shows Goddess SEKHMET and the stone Carnelian. I am shown the sacral chakra and the theme of boldness and courage. This week you are encouraged to take risks that feel true to your heart and engage in practices that make you feel alive, more yourself and specially comfortable. Sekhmet is giving you a push to stop procrastinating and align with your passion. At this point, there is no going back, but forward with faith and fearlessness.  This card also brings a message of divine justice. If you are involved in a situation that is unfair, abusive or concerning, this is a message to let you know that there is nothing to fear and that it will be resolved according to Divine Justice. Any obstacle to the manifestation of your desire is now cleared away. 🙂

The second card corresponds with the wheel of fortune in traditional tarot. I love the scarab as a symbol of protection. It shows as a guardian and lets you know that we are constantly changing and evolving and that this is a time of profound change for you. You are encouraged to increase your awareness of the more subtle energies that are influencing you. This card shows that as you transform, you are cocooned and protected by your guides, even when you find yourself in a physically or emotionally toxic environment.

Finally, your third card “THE MIRACLE OF ISIS” let’s you know that this week you are to experience healing at a very deep level.  It also shows that your healing abilities are evolving and opening up to a whole new level. The guidance is to not be afraid and to keep your heart open.  Trust!


Interactive Reading


Option 2

Your first card is the CHARIOT OF ASCENSION. (Merkaba). It brings guidance that a special spiritual practice has come or is soon coming to your attention that will help your Soul reach you more fully. It will be an advanced practice and it will serve you well at this time in your journey to reach the higher levels of capacity and spiritual responsibility that are available to you. Your work in this planet is greatly supported!

The second card is the TREE of LIFE and connects with the energies of Bast, Anubis and Osiris.  What are you dying to discover and/or renew? This card encourages you to stop and consider the concept of surrender. Through your ability to find stillness in a meditative state you will be able to recognize this shamanic passage of surrender, death, renewal and regeneration. Look for the beauty that is the inevitable result.

Lastly, the TALISMANS OF POTENCY card shows the importance of charging sacred objects of power. I feel that is related to your Soul Connection and the spiritual process that you are undergoing. It could be that a crystal or stone shaped in the form of the Merkaba or even the tree of life would charge you with the energies to support at this time. Sacred Objects and tools become an extension of your energy field, focusing your power and intention. Pay attention to your own guidance when it comes to choosing your sacred tools. (amulets and talismans). <3

Interactive Reading


Option 3

 Your first card shows the PILLAR OF LIGHT. This is a powerful message from beings of light that wish to connect with you more strongly. You are guided to strengthen your energy field to allow more of the Divine Light to flow through your body safely and into expression. This pillar of light is the energy of pure white light that connects the soul star chakra above your head and the earth star chakra beneath your feet.

The CRESTED IBIS card represents the element air  and associated with Thoth. It is in essence the phoenix raising from the fire. It speaks not only of rebirth but of the clear thinking that gives you an understanding of your journey. The Ibis also brings a message related to communications for you this week.  It is time to look at how you express yourself, specially when communicating with others. Thoth will help you gain a higher perspective and lighten up. Some of you will receive the letter or message that you have been waiting for. :=)

Finally, the card of HEALING THE DIVINE MASCULINE shows that this week you are receiving protection, discernment, healing and a sense of deep safety even through the uncomfortable circumstances of life. When the masculine within is strong, we have an inner strength to hold ourselves safe through anything. For some this card means that this week you are guided to heal and acknowledge your divine masculine. I also sense that the Ibis is showing the need to express your masculine self as well because it is part of the process of allowing more light to enter your life. <3

Interactive Reading


From:The Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild  and the Anubis Oracle by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf.

*Disclosure: There are some affiliate links above and I may receive commissions (at no cost to you) for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products/oracle cards that I regularly work with and I highly recommend. 


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