Interactive Reading July 23rd to 27th, 2019


Interactive Reading

This week we are working with butterflies to symbolize our unique path to transformation. Are you drawn to a specific image? 

The reveal is available below.

Enjoy the messages!


Interactive Reading Reveal


Option 1

This is a very interesting week for you. The first card reveals that you will be tested by your own environment and that the best course of action is to remain neutral. Impartiality means that you may find yourself in the role of personal advisor, or that you will hold the space for others to find their own answers. If you have been struggling with a situation, you are encouraged to step back and take an impartial look at it…listen and observe. What do you see?Allow things to unfold from a place of love. The middle card shows that the energy of SARADA DEVI envelops you with the Divine Mother Energy.  She teaches that unconditional love exists within all of us and that the presence of love is the absence of judgement. Again, this is a reminder to connect with love and remain neutral.  There is also an invitation to let us mother ourselves with unconditional love. What are you currently judging or criticizing about yourself? I am shown a beautiful golden light that surrounds you . The enlightenment card brings a message of encouragement to face your fears. Peace awaits!  Take time alone to connect and trust your intuition. 


Interactive Reading


Option 2

 This week you are encouraged to open the channels of communication to discover the truth about a situation. This is a necessary step on your journey and I sense that you are more than ready to face this truth. This is a personal Quest of Self Discovery and Growth. Spirit shows that your would benefit from allowing yourself the space for self exploration. Are you committed to your path? What dangers are you imagining?  Have courage as this is going to activate your throat chakra. The fact that the energy of ENHEDUANNA shows up as The High Priestess energy is a sign that you are receiving information from your Soul…I hear that the Wisdom of your Soul is coming through. The Quest we are talking about is not external, but internal. It is not about Isolating yourself but enjoying solitude. Do not procrastinate or make excuses because you feel that you are not prepared to take action…you truly are. It is play time! You have the ability to do anything well. Live and breathe your Soul. Become intimate with it so that there is no separation…and there are no more excuses or apologies for how powerful you are…<3.

Interactive Reading


Option 3

Your cards this week reveal that it is time for you to let go of perfectionism as you are already a perfect image of the Source/Creator.  AMATERASU, being the Goddess of Light brings you a message of understanding of your true essence and how you are a sacred mirror that reflects back the same light. This week you are to discover the beauty of your light …if you have been feeling lost or that you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel…this is a sign of returning back to it. Healing is taking place…the card of Forgiveness aligns with the energy of Amethyst which is a very powerful protector from toxic situations that also brings healing. It allows to return to the natural state of peace again.  Self-forgiveness is key because you have been very hard on yourself seeking perfection which have caused you to feel alienated or to alienate others. Now is the time to accept who you are, your uniqueness and beauty. You are enough…can you see your world transforming?

Interactive Reading


From: Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman and The Divine Feminine Oracle by Meggan Watterson.

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