Interactive Reading July 7th to 13th, 2019


This week we are focusing on our path…no matter where we are going, there are always challenges that we encounter. My motto is ‘we will cross that bridge when the time comes’ . What path feels in resonance with your journey? 
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Interactive Reading Reveal


Option 1

The cards reveal that this week you are ready to take emotional matters into your own hands. You have been feeling somehow paralyzed in relationships, indecisive and incapable of making decisions.  The energies support you in moving forward. You are ready to communicate something that you feel and it can potentially manifest as a relationship or development of a relationship. Another aspect of the energies for you is that you are made aware of your ability to counsel or mediate others. If you have been thinking about a change of direction regarding your career, this is a hint from Spirit.  You have the ability to take the feelings and intuitions from the emotional waters and translate into actions in the physical world.  The animal helping spirit for you is the ‘Dog’. He appears as your loyal guardian to support you and protect you energetically because you are opening up energetically. I am shown that you have been bullied or threatened by harsh people/energies. Have you been a victim of excessive criticism?  In any case, you are like a newborn that is experiencing a new life and Spirit has provided you with your protector to keep you safe as you claim your place in the world. Towards the end of the week you will experience the A-Ha moment…everything makes sense and that idea or inspiration will light the path for a tremendous opportunity for change and growth.

Option 1 interactive reading


Option 2

The week begins with a huge cleanse. Perhaps it is related to the Full Moon which definitely taps into the depths of our emotions and gets the stuff out. Mercury Retrograde is proving to be very revealing to you…and I mean that you have noticed a lot of information in the surface of your awareness…you are noticing and realizing what has been said and done behind your back. The reverse five of swords reveals that you have been humiliated and push down by gossipers and those that want to win no matter what. Thankfully, you have been guided throughout this process by your Spirit guides and a new animal spirit appears to help you uncover the hidden message and wisdom from this experience. The fact that the card is reversed shows that you have turned the page and left that situation behind. The ‘Owl’ will help you look at the situation from a perspective of growth and empowerment. Athena is also supporting you this week by bringing justice to a situation. :-). Towards the end of the week, you celebrate a milestone and will sense the shift in your reality. You feel lighter and joyful. Good times, Good fortune… and great people to share this is special times with…you so deserve it!

Option 2 Interactive reading


Option 3

This week is very interesting for you…it begins with a huge shift probably also propelled by the full moon energies at the beginning of the week. You are cleansing from the inside out. The purging is mainly related to the way you see yourself, your beliefs and the story that you have written which created your present reality.  It is recommended that you rest, relax and meditate because there is a very special animal spirit that will help you learn very important information to help you understand who you are, and why you are here. The ‘turtle’ is a very ancient, wise animal that appears to help you navigate change. I am shown that the shift has a lot to do with your relationship with Gaia and the role that cycles play in this planet. I clearly hear that there is no learning outside of your heart that will give you the answers that you seek. Your animal spirit helps you navigate your doubts and insecurities by continuously grounding you to Mother Earth. Towards the end of the week you notice the energetic shift translated into a surge of energy. This is not the time to hesitate but to take advantage of this wave of energy that will take you closer to your desires. Rapid manifestation of your desires is what you can expect…so be mindful of what you focus on and specially what you wish for…:-)

Option 3 Interactive Reading




From: The Tarot of Dreams  by Ciro Marchetti and the Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish

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