Interactive Reading January 26th to February 1st, 2019



Interactive Reading January 26th
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Dear everyone! Happy Saturday! This week, we are enjoying beautiful winter landscapes.  Snow has a powerful clearing energy that takes away the junk that blocks our creativity.    Choose the image/s that speaks to you to unlock your intuitive message for the week!The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–   This week life slows down for you and you will get a chance to rest. Life has been very demanding and you are struggling to keep your energy levels up. I am shown a turtle as the spirit helping animal that will help you slow your pace internally, and ground yourself.  Turtles also allow us to connect to ancient wisdom. All the answers that you seek are within!  Trust that you are where you need to be…! I hear that you have been asking for a sign from the Universe to let you know that you are on the right path.  The answer is coming to your strongly in the form of feelings.  Do you feel more connected?  The energy of the Divine Feminine plays an important role in your ability to trust ,and take the steps needed to move forward. Slowly but surely is the theme. Some of you are planning to start, or grow a family. Mary Magdalene shows up to let you know that it is a sacred contract that will fulfill you in amazing ways. If you already have a family, you may hear good news involving an addition to your family, or close circle of friends.  Be open and receptive to the love flowing to you.  <3. Gifts come in some many ways!



2–  This week you feel that your ability to experience life in the now has increased. In a way, is like your senses are wide open, and you can perceive reality with magnifying glasses. It may be a little weird, and even overwhelming at times. Spirit shows that it is related to an internal shift, or transformation propelled by the past full moon and lunar eclipse.  In your case, there was a lot of stuff that needed release. You have a new understanding of the cycles of growth and how to sync, with this flow, instead of fighting a transformation that is necessary.  Life is more vivid for you. You gain clarity about who you are, and where you are going. Most importantly, whom you want to share this journey with!. With this refined perception, you can see people’s true colours underneath whatever mask they seem to be wearing.  Allow those that are not in alignment with your true self to leave the way they came, and do so in peace.  Notice the beauty of the ordinariness of life. Simplicity is so beautiful and you are about to discover a new approach to being. Enjoy it!



3–  You are encouraged to be yourself and dare to be different, to make mistakes and create…because it is a void wanting to be filled.  Stepping into the unknown requires courage and strength. I am shown the need for you to balance and integrate your shadow self.  Everything in the Universe consists of complementary opposites. This understanding will allow you to be at peace. The focus for you this week is mastering the physical. You are beginning a phase of flowering abundance and creativity. I am shown a rainbow of possibilities, each one unique and special. The most active energy for you is your creative force. You are able to abandon control and allow the energy that fuels all things to be released. Be open to what wants to be expressed through you…it is not only a blessing to you, but to others. I am shown that some of you have been repressing the creative side, or even postponing creative projects because of lack of time, or having other priorities. Spirit wants you to get your artistic magical self out of the closet…this is part of your path of truth. The next new moon energies are magical for you. Are you ready?



4–  It is possible that this week you reach a point of no return. It is actually a good thing although it can be intimidating. What I hear is that your decisions will have a big impact on what you experience, but also collectively, our individual decisions have an impact in the whole. Being aware of our energy helps a lot. Attention is directed at home, not only our personal space ( body) or physical space (home) but also our home in this planet ( Earth). The word that I hear is ‘sacred’. Treat your home as the sacred space that it is. Protect it! Clear it!  Build boundaries when necessary, and understand the energies that belong there or not. Spirit also shows that there is a big realization or change that will rock your world. It could be related to your home, body or even globally…but in truth this information will allow necessary change to take place and with that, the real ‘you’ emerges. The Universe has a funny way to push us forward when we resist to change! Whatever it is that you are experiencing…even if uncomfortable, will prove to be a blessing. Let go of all you think you should do and just be you. Lighten up. Find humor in this situation…and simply be. 


From: Magdalene Oracle by Toni Carmine-Salerno & Osho Zen Tarot



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