Interactive Reading January 2020

Interactive Reading January 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope that you started 2020 with positive energy and that you are ready for your Interactive Reading for the month of January.

I have also included an overview of the energies of 2020 for each option.

The Interactive Reading Choices for January are Opal, Ruby and Diamond. Three beautiful gemstones that bring a special message for you.

Go within and center yourself and choose your gemstone.

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Interactive Reading Reveal

Option 1 ~ Opal

Interactive Reading January 2020

.The energies for January are very interesting. The first card is the Six of Wands which represents a victory. This card is connected to the direction of the South, with the fire of your Soul and it feels as this is something that you have been working on very hard and that finally, is yielding results. You are now able to savor a very well deserved victory.  Another aspect of this energy is to be mindful of any obstacles or challenges that you are facing because you have everything it takes to overcome it. Do not give up and keep trying because it feels as if resolution and victory are just down the corner.

The second card is the Four of Wands, again connected to the direction of the South…with your Soul and passion for life. It feels as if you really have something to celebrate this month and it makes sense because you achieve something big…why not throw a party, right? 🙂

This is a happy event! For others it means that if you are invited to a party, you must attend as something opens up energetically for you through the connections you will make. Another aspect of this card represents a time of creativity and freedom of expression.

The third card is the Major Arcana ” The Magician”…and this is such a confirmation about your ability to create something amazing. For some, it also means that is time to get your wand out and start working your magic. Your inner magician wants to get to work. 🙂

When you tap into your own magick, you find the answers you seek. I also sense that the energy of this card encourages you to seek connection with the natural world in whatever way resonates with you such as working with crystals, herbs, etc.

Interactive Reading January 2020

Regarding the general energies of 2020…the first card lets you know that this year you are finding sanctuary. You open up and tap into your spiritual source. Perhaps up until now, you had times where you felt more connected, or times of doubt where you thought it was all in your imagination…In any case, 2020 marks a shift for you. You are deepening the connection to Spirit and it becomes very real indeed. No more doubts for you.

As I am typing this I am shown that some of you will be in need of taking a spiritual retreat. It could mean that you are actually going to a retreat, but it also means that you can create a retreat at home and find a place where you can commune with Spirit. There will be a need for you to spend time in quiet contemplation. That is what the card of the Witness is showing you. You observe any events from a neutral point.  Witness without engaging in any action so that you can assess any situation from a higher perspective. Stillness is the answer…when you find stillness, you know how to approach any situation. The advise if to not try to control the world around you…let it spin on its own and be at peace with it.

Finally I am shown that you will actually witness events and experiences that are unique and very special. Try to keep a journal because you insights are truly precious.

Option 2 ~ Ruby

Interactive Reading January 2020

When I look at your cards for January, the first thing that came to mind is that you had a difficult year that have left you feeling somehow trapped and broken.

As I type this I hear that there is a whole deal of financial distress in your world. It could be personal to you or even in your environment. But also, for others I sense that you are somehow picking up a global vibe of financial crisis…fear to loose what you have built or worked so hard to accomplish. The guidance is to break through the ‘Lack mentalty’ that is keeping you hostage and will indeed, continue to do so unless you take the opportunity that January presents to break free. It is time to begin a brand new relationship with money.

Others are feeling the pressure after the holidays because of over spending. What Spirit shows is that you cannot change what is done, but you can change your approach to money today and begin a new relationship.  If you do so, you will succeed.

What is interesting is that the Eight of Wands shows that much of what is happening relates to your mindset. You can break free. You are  not trapped…you have choices.

The second card, the Queen of Pentacles, lets you know that there is material abundance in your world that is available to you. Have patience. The final card, the Four of Pentacles shows that there is resistance to change, that you have accomplished goals but still remained unhappy because of not looking at the bigger picture. It is time to stop clinging onto things and allow the flow of abundance to enter without conditions.  Do things differently and you will change your world.

Interactive Reading January 2020

Regarding the general energies for 2020, your first card is “Mystic Healer” which tells us that you are a healer and your healing abilities are going to intensify greatly. You channel very pure energies and your skills and light are needed right now. If you were wondering about beginning your work as a healer, this is a confirmation. If you are already a healer and have been wondering if that is your true purpose, this card also confirms that indeed, it is. For others I am shown that as you expand your healing abilities by taking courses or just tuning in and meditating to gain insights from your healing team. Trust your intuition and know that you are amazing.    The second card “The Staff” is very interesting because it represents balance. It is also a symbol of authority.I sense that 2020 is the year of service for you. The advise is to flow easily between polarities to select your own path…trust your intuition and find the delicate balance between will and surrender.

Option 3 ~ The Diamond

Interactive Reading January 2020

This month is full of excitement for you. There is an interesting balance between male and female energies. It seems as you are balancing the physical and mental planes. The fact that the card of the High Priestess is in the middle, let us know that you are very intuitive indeed. I also sense that the Full Moon tomorrow will prove to be very powerful, revealing many insights.

The King of Pentacles card relates to the physical world, and is a masculine energy which means that it is about taking action. As I type this, I am shown that you had pending tasks that you did not get to complete last month and that this is the perfect time to do so and also set the stage for this new decade. Get organized. Plan ahead. Determination, hard work and dedication will result in success.

The High Priestess gives you a touch of magic, and lets you know that action is great as long as you have a vision that is greater than you. It means that you are to take action that is aligned to your Soul, to your Higher purpose and the Planet. The Priestess uncovers your wisdom and gives you further insights . She teaches you to be strong, wise and steady.  Moon energy is very powerful and for some reason, I hear ,,,ritual., Perhaps it is a good time to send healing to our planet, to places that are suffering so greatly like Australia.

The King of Swords energy is a little different and feels as if January will uncover truths in your life. It is about balance and justice. The High Priestess will certainly help you with that too. Another aspect of this card is to plan and gather all the necessary information before you take action. It is about aligning your mind, heart and soul to truly work from a place of truth and integrity.

Interactive Reading January 2020

Finally, regarding your energies for 2020.  The first card ” Great Adventure” tells you exactly that it will be very active with lots going on. You are encouraged to take risks. Perhaps thats why the priestess shows up to help you trust your gut and go for it. There is so much to experience and do if you just put your fears aside. I sense that you will travel over water, to another continent and even get on a cruise… you are going to have fun, and will learn so much this year. It is very much the path of joy for you.  The second card “Smoky Mirror” shows that this year you will integrate your shadow self and that is very healing for you. There is a sense of wholeness and divinity. Each aspect of your being matters and that is the big theme for you. There is perfection in imperfection.:-). Also, Ascended Master Buddha feels close to you and perhaps you will be visiting Asia on your travels. I sense that meditation becomes a very important part of your daily routine. Also, you will begin working with a new guide this year. 🙂

A note from Lourdes:

As you all know, we are witnessing such a destruction in our beautiful planet. Australia is burning and so many lives are lost. Spirit requested that we pray for Australia tomorrow and that we send healing not only there but to Gaia.  With much love and gratitude! Lourdes.x


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