Interactive Reading January 19th to 25th, 2019



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Dear everyone! Happy Saturday! This week, we connect with the colorful parrots.  They are vibrant and full of life.  Choose your parrot to unlock your intuitive message for the week. This week is all about colours!The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–   Your main colours this week are Bronze and Orange. I am directed at your first and second chakras meaning that it is important that you ground yourself. Bronze ray will allow you to draw in strength, wisdom and love. This vibration is an amazing magnet for opportunities, specially regarding business transactions.  Bronze also allows you to connect to your inner wisdom, allowing you to break patters and flush out toxic thoughts and feelings out of your body.  Orange gives you an infusion of courage and focus to keep a project going. You have been feeling discouraged but I hear that you must persevere because there is something in the works that you cannot yet see. A breakthrough is in the horizon…don’t quit before the miracle!  What you are working on will bring you much joy and contentment.  :-). Spirit also encourages you to take a leap of faith and do something fun that you have been postponing until the right time. Why not now? Nurture yourself and enjoy the things that bring you back to this now moment. Magic is all around you!


2–  Let me begin by telling you that you have a lot of helpers in the Spirit world. Your Spiritual team has been communicating to you…perhaps you already sensed things, if not, pay attention and listen. It is not a bad idea to meditate, or practice automatic writing in order to get some answers to questions that you have. I am shown that your colours are Grey and Green, particularly Emerald Green. Something is going on energetically, and I hear that it is important that you learn to scan your body and identify blockages in your body or aura. If you can,, go ahead and take a bath to clear your energy field. You can also light a white candle. There is situation that is progressing very slowly…and it is possible that you will be abruptly taken out of a situation, or project. It is for your highest good, even if it seems unfair at the time.  Emerald Green will help  you perceive the truth and see things differently. Emerald vibrations also help embrace transformation by allowing your heart to show you what your eyes cannot see. Emerald vibrations  offer a healing blanket and protection so that potential toxic energies directed at you can be transmuted into love and joy. The most important part is to be aware of your energy and realize when something is not right, or does not belong there so that you can clear it. <3


3–  The energies surrounding you this week are very interesting. For starters, your colours are Plum, Lilac and Canary Yellow.  Plum is a colour if inner strength and faith. It gives you a boost of energy to help you overcome challenges, and discover your life purpose.  I sense that you are now leaving a situation that have been very tough for you. Lilac strengthen your faith, activates your intuition and increases your psychic abilities. I sense that you have experienced a situation that have been emotionally draining, but through hardships you have established a deeper connection to your own divinity. Canary Yellow vibrations will allow you to release your creativity and stop procrastinating. There is an opportunity to materialize something that you have contemplated on doing for a long time. The energies felt stagnant as if going around in circles never reaching your goal. This week marks an end to that experience and a new beginning. This beginning is all about balance, getting in the flow and activating the part of you that have been dormant for so long.  Keep the bigger picture in mind and regulate your actions accordingly. You got this!


4– This week you are coming out of the clouds…there have been a lot of confusion recently in regards to your path. The good news is that you needed a break, and it allowed you to remain still, and let  the information come to you. You have a powerful spiritual team and you will feel angelic presence very strongly this week.  The first colour I am shown is Silver.  I see this vibration surrounding you in a way that is comforting and supportive. Silver vibrations will bring clarity and a revelation.  I sense a movement forward and leaving behind the stuff that you do not wish to take on your next journey. It is related to mind chatter and old beliefs. There is another powerful colour vibration showing up and that is Cherry. This is a very rich colour that brings sweetness, happiness and wisdom to your life.  It encourages  you to live your life to the max. It acts as a magnet to amazing people, opportunities and abundance.  It is a week of inner power that marks the realization that you are stronger than you thought. A big leap forward …celebrate a huge milestone. I hear that you are heading exactly where you need to be. Well done!


From: Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman & The Secret Language of Colour Cards by Inna Segal








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