Interactive Reading January 12th to 18th, 2019



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Dear everyone! This week, we connect with the magic of rainbows. Rainbow energy combined with gold works amazingly in clearing the energy field. I personally have experienced rainbows as messages from Spirit, appearing at key moments to let me know something. What is your relationship with rainbows? Choose your rainbow to unlock your intuitive message for the week. The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–   This week it is about overcoming obstacles with the help of Spirit. I am shown the presence of Ganesha as a guide to show you the way out of the present situation. Whatever is blocking you is cleared and you are free to move on. Your plans are now able to come to fruition. Ganesha also wants to let you know that there is a reason for this delay and that is that the timing wasn’t right… that’s way you seemed to be stuck. Notice the doors opening specially towards the end of the week. Another aspect of this week’s message relates to recognizing your own ability to discern the truth. You can read between the lines and understand what is not being said. Expect more clarity this week, specially recognizing patterns. This is a moment of true power! Trust your intuition and follow it as it leads you forward.

Affirmations: “I am protected and guided by a higher power. When the path is blocked, I take this as a sign to wait. I give thanks to divine intervention. When the path is clear, I move forward with ease. All that occurs or does not occur is for my highest good.”


2–  This week is powerful for you! You have been looking at the moon and feeling inspired by it. Since we are only a few days away to the Full Moon and lunar eclipse, pay attention to what you are feeling. Energetically, there are a few things going on for you, The most important is that it has to do with light and illuminating something. It is also linked to your creativity and inspiration and I was shown that it will feel like lightning. You discover a source of untapped and virtually unlimited potential. There is a shift and through this new sense of direction you align with your passion. You can create something new, something of lasting value because you are now able to look at life like you have never done before. Another aspect of this energy is romance…perhaps you will travel or visit somewhere special or have a romantic evening out.  Enjoy it!

 Affirmations: “I invite Romance into my life. I look at things from a new perspective. My life is full of unlimited potential. Creative possibilities are all around me. Life is an endless source of inspiration.”


3–  There are a few things going on for you this week. The most important message for you is to take that step and stop procrastinating.  There is nothing to fear…be brave…you have so much to offer! Treat every day as a learning experience.  By doing this you will gain freedom and be able to see things from a higher perspective. Spirit invites you to push your limits and boundaries …to venture into the unknown. What in your life needs to be released? the Jaguar animal spirit is showing up to help you overcome your fears. Acknowledge your preconceptions, ideas and feelings about the situation you are in…perhaps you could detach for a moment and connect with the joy of stillness…through stillness, you will receive all your answers.

 Affirmations: “I surrender my fear and replace it with love. I surrender my doubt and replace it with confidence. I see myself moving out into the world with ease. I give thanks for all I learn and experience. Each new day is full of possibility.”


4– Something has shifted within you…a spark of creative inspiration has ignited and will soon develop into a big passionate flame. This is the start of something new. Whatever it is, it will develop progressively and steadily.  It will remain a significant part of your life for the years to come. :-). For now, relax and pay attention to your intuition. Another aspect of the energies for you relate to a journey. It is connected to your new venture…as it is changing your life journey.  I get the sense that is because you step outside the boundaries of your life as you know it. It is almost like a pilgrimage into the unknown…you will be transformed along the way. <3. It is likely that an opportunity to travel will present itself as well…this is a big yes from Spirit…as it will allow you to experience new things and boost your creativity. Go for it!

 Affirmation: “A creative flow glows within my heart and illuminates my mind.  I am ready to start something new. My heart and mind are open to new possibilities. My dream becomes my reality. I do what I love and love what I do”


From: Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno & Magical Shaman Oracle by Alberto Villoldo, Collette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos.








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