Interactive Reading January 2020

Interactive Reading February 2020

Happy February!

I hope that January was not too much of a climb for you and that you were able to rest and replenish after the holidays.

The Interactive Reading for February will feature the three decks that the majority of you chose: The Starchild Tarot, the Fairy Oracle & The Chakra Wisdom Oracle.

The Interactive Reading Choices for February are Red heart, Rainbow heart and Gold heart.

Go within and center yourself and choose your heart.

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Your messages are now available! Enjoy!



Interactive Reading Reveal

Option 1 ~ Red Heart

February Reading

We begin with the overall energies for February. The main focus is on your heart/mind connection.

There is a lot of ‘noise’ in your life and you do not seem to find your way of this big cloud of confusion and insecurity. This is something that is presented to you to work on. You are receiving messages and picking up energy constantly. Your guides are trying to get your attention to help you in making the right decision for you. But you are not listening because you do not believe this connection is true. It is not your imagination!

Why are you experiencing this? There is a belief that is holding you back. This energy is being played in the background…again and again.  You are not a victim. It is time to release the residual victim mentality that disempowers you. Your heart is open to experiences and integrated the lessons. It is time to leave the trauma behind and stop recreating that event. If your wish is to change your life, you must open your heart.

Be comfortable in the unknown and allow the universe to present new opportunities to you. You will soon understand where is that you need to go.  The energies that break the clouds and allow a revelation and clarity to enter is ‘silver’. Then “Green” is the energy of healing of the heart.

Both of these color vibrations are great for you this month.  Green will bring you empowerment and most importantly will allow you to break through these blockages. Are you ready?

February Reading

The realms of the Fairies bring forth two messages for you. If we look at the first card, we can see green color as the central theme. The message is to follow your dreams. What about if you are lost in a cloud of confusion? The path forward is to get your journal out, a pen…and begin asking the Fairies to communicate in your Dreamtime. This is a rich time of revelation and breakthroughs. Allow the information to flow and do not question it. Then let it sit. Re-visit it a week or so later and see if it opens up a new world to you. These messages are layers of information that relate to your own state of receptivity.

During your Dreamtime you are also connecting to your Spiritual family. This is balancing your energy centers and brings balance in your outer life. The keyword is harmony. If you have been experiencing issues with your immediate or extended family…these quarrels are resolved. There is a potential to experience harmony. Again, remember the victim’s energy that must be released.

Lastly, we are looking at your Starchild Tarot cards and we see that your Soul is sending yo a clear message. This is the time to align your heart and soul to manifest in the now. That is why clarity is so important.

February Reading 2020

The first card “King of Cups”, reminds you of your gifts. Do not push them aside. You are nurturing, emotional, psychic, wise, strong and sensitive.

In February you can tap into your emotional strength. You have the ability to balance creativity and artistic expression with knowledge and wisdom. The connection of your Inner Voice…your Soul Self. There is a deep wisdom that comes from the acknowledgment of unconditional love…and embracing who you truly are.

The second card “Ten of Crystals’ is showing that this month you are receiving powerful energy calibrations from…YOU. Your Soul is wise and the alignment with higher aspects of self will bring stability to your life.

Looking at the image we see sacred codes…what do you sense by looking at this image?

This card shows that February is also about completion. After all of your hard work, you will experience a state of financial security and lasting abundance. The foundation is solid and you can now grow higher and stronger each day. This energy relates to all areas of your physical reality. It also refers to your relationship, career, health and general well being.  Be open to receive as there is an influx of amazing opportunities and growth. Take this gift as it is earned. You did it. Congratulations!

Option 2 ~ Rainbow Heart

February Reading 2020

The overall energy for February focus on your emotional center (solar plexus) and your throat chakra. The first feeling I get is that there is no alignment between your true feelings and your expression in the physical world. In other words…February’s energy pushes you outside your boundaries that represent comfort and security to strip the padding and leave the ‘real’.

The first message is workaholic. It means that you are working and working and that your life is out of balance. You are in a state of ‘doing’ and you are doing this unconsciously as a way to ‘hide’ behind this ‘facade’ of busyness …so that you do not need to address your true feelings. Are you pushing your feelings aside?

Are you pushing your voice down …to the point that you don’t even hear it??? The color for you to work through this block and open your creative expression is Blue/violet.  February is a powerful time of manifestation…and you need balance…know your limits and align with your true self.

Another important color vibration for you to work with this month is Bronze. This metallic energy brings personal comfort and the need to discover your true self. Recover who you are and rethink your journey is key this month.

How do you achieve this? The Fairy Realm offers you answers in this regard.

February Reading 2020

The first card “Quiet time’ means exactly that. You need to schedule quiet time. It is as important as your busy time — both productive. There is a misconception that resting and quiet time is not necessary, it is a luxury but it is far from the truth. Without it, you cannot be productive because you are not connected. What would happen with your pipes if they were blocked and never cleared??? You would have a mess in your bathroom or basement, right? well…when you do not clear your channels, you do not connect with your true self so the decisions you make are aligned with your mind but not your heart and soul.

Another message from the Fairies relate to making new friends. Pay attention to new people entering your life as they are playing an important part in your life for the rest of 2020. Accept invitations to go out and socialize. Go to parties and celebrations. You have been indoors way to much and it is time to switch to being a ‘human being” not a human doing’. 🙂

February Reading

Regarding your Soul messages for the month of February…I am not surprised to see the “Nine of Sword”. This card is totally all about playing scary movies in your mind…recreating past trauma or even imagining everything that could go wrong. This fear and worry about the unknown…of the ‘what if’s’ …keeps you stuck, disconnected and unhappy. Release!

Another reason why you need to connect with your heart and soul. From that space, you can allow magic to enter your life. You can create anything you want…and you take the reigns of your destiny. You are not at the mercy of whatever life throws at you. You are in control.

Your Soul shows you how to break free from that energy that is keeping you drained…that is the sun.

It means that you would benefit from going out and allowing the sun rays to replenish you but also it means the rays of light from your soul. The illumination that comes from connecting to your true self.

Take positive approaches and take advantage of the expansive, love-filled activation from your Soul. Your inner sun shines outwards and radiates pure love.  This is the path of joy. February is a time of renewed sense of abundance, and reaching a higher state of consciousness.  This elevates your inner growth and connects you with the divine light of source.

Allow this light to illuminate your path and make the necessary adjustments to remain balanced and open.

Option 3 ~ Gold Heart

February Reading 2020

The main energies for February focus on your crown and throat chakras. You are receiving tons of information from the Quantum Field, from the realm of the unseen to then bring into life by means of your creative expression. I am shown written messages, songs, verbal communications and even telepathic messages.

The first card “Instinct” reveals that this is a time to trust and to stop filtering your messages because of your own perceptions or fears. The color I am shown is pure white light. If you look at the image, we see white wolfs. I sense that the wolf represents the connection to pure instinct. When unfiltered it guide us to high ground. You can step in and be the protector and also know that you are protected.

Anytime you feel uneasy…trust your gut. Surround yourself with the purest white light and even call in your wolf animal spirit. Visualize the most beautiful white wolf surrounding you with white light. Trust your insights.

The card “isolation” shows that your exterior does not match your inner self. The way you present yourself makes it hard for people to see who you truly are.  The message is “carpe diem’ live the moment and do not wait for tomorrow to do the things that you truly want to do.  Do not isolate yourself and allow people to know you.  I sense that this is because you have been hurt many times and you have this extra layer of protection. The Wolf showed you that there is no need for it. Simply trust your vibes.

The color vibrations for you to work with are Saphire Blue to open you up and feel safe in doing so, and heal past wounds. Then White Light to clear you and protect you.

February Reading 2020

The Fairy Realm show that this month is about romantic love as well. It is about meeting a new partner or increasing your connection to your present partner.  In any case, love is in the air. Be who you are.

I am also shown that you do not open fully to love because of the fear of being hurt. There is no need for it. The challenge for you is to be true to your heart.  This shift brings peace of mind. It is so much healthier to be out in the open. People do not need to figure you out because you are as transparent as you can be. An open book. What you see is what you get.  Can you feel the freedom that this approach brings into your life???

February Messages 2020

When it comes to your Soul messages…there are two parts. The ten of Swords represents an ending. Yes…that’s right. This month marks the end of the old self and the beginning of your true self. In other words…bye-bye old life, hello new life. 🙂

You had gone through hardships and you have learned a lot from it. The energy that stood up the most is that of betrayal. But you are moving on …you are healed…and amazing things await on the other side of pain. From processing and releasing this phase of your life, you will learn to move forward with illumination and strength.  The keyword for you is ‘Transformation’.

This is amazing because you can then have a clear vision of your life. You can move forward with Self-discipline and determination. The King of Pentacles energy shows you that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot accomplish.  The advice is to stay attentive to detail and be open to new opportunities that show up along the way.  Have fun!

A note from Lourdes:

Today is 02/02/2020. Amazing frequencies of love and more love. The overall energy is eight which is infinity. 2+2+2+2= 8.  There is also an amazing portal that is opening allowing an energetic alignment heart/Soul and yes…mind. The next Cosmic Crystal Grid Activation will be on 2/22/2020(details will be posted in the next seven days). The frequency is ’10’ which is completion. We will work with a frequency that comes from Venus, not the planet itself but the realm. From today and the next 21 days leading to the activation you will feel how powerful love is. I hope this is not too confusing.  In any case, the love frequency is available so take advantage and receive, receive and receive so that then you can give, give and give. With much love and gratitude! Lourdes.x


The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel.

The Healing with the Fairies Oracle by D.Virtue.

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman.


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