Interactive Reading February 2nd to 8th, 2019



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Dear everyone! Happy Saturday! This week, we are enjoying Aurora Borealis images.  Enjoy the symphony of colours …and choose one or more to unlock your message for the week.The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal


1–   This week you are encouraged to lighten up and see the humor in your present situation…you will notice the shift of energy and how issues get resolved much quicker. It will allow you to see a solution and gain a different perspective. The keyword for you is clarity. You are encouraged to examine your perceptions. Positive expectations will attract true prosperity  Notice messages coming to you, specially from Spirit. The sadness that you have been experiencing will dissipate as soon as you change your mindset and switch to the vibration of joy.  This will heal the situation, and specially your heart much faster. I am also shown that something is triggering past memories or old scars to resurface. Itg is time to forgive yourself and others. Do not carry that burden. The potential of true healing and a shift to a happy, optimistic reality is within reach. You deserve the best life!



2–  You have been feeling lonely and yearning to experience love on a deeper level.  If you are single, you are really longing for someone, and that makes you feel sad. In a way,  it makes you feel as if you failed.  Spirit shows that there is a time for everything and that it is important that you focus on that which you desire…be specific.  It is also possible that you are experiencing and undesired separation from your partner…it could be physical or even emotional. This is causing you a lot of pain.  If that is the case…it is important that you express your true feelings.  Let your partner know how you feel.  This week is perfect to see the light and experience a happy outcome, such as a reconciliation. Additionally, I am shown that truths are coming to light for you.  Your projects are now aligned with the vibration of joy, happiness and success. Have confidence! Abundance is the keyword for you. Your ideas and present projects will lead to success.  Keep going!



3–  This week feels amazing for you!  Notice the inflow of creative ideas …what is interesting is that Spirit shows that you can bring these ideas to fruition much quicker than you imagine.  This is because you have a lot of help and the energies are very supportive.   There is an exchange of energy…giving and receiving. Personally with your relationships, and in your professional/business life. That means that what you put out…comes back to you full circle.  If you invest, you reap rewards. It is that amazing for you!  This is also a week to complete projects and gain recognition for a job well done. Feeling joy, contentment and gratitude. It is ok to enjoy life’s little luxuries, and take a little break to feel gratitude…and then keep going. I see more projects starting, and you have so much willpower and self-discipline to tackle every single one of them…and not only that, but experience important achievements. If you are planning a nice vacation…the universe encourages you to do so. It is about balancing the flow and recharging. You deserve it. <3



4–  This week you are cautioned to take things slowly. You are working on something that requires time to mature. It is delicate and fragile. The sense I get is that you do not disclose your plans, or that you keep this little treasure safe by keeping it secret until you are ready to birth it. Does this make sense? The reason why is that the energies this week are a little rocky, and there are some energies of envy, and conflict in your environment. Do not worry about it. Just listen to your inner guidance, and be cautions about other people’s motives when you notice they are invading your ‘space’.  Review all your options carefully, and if signing contracts, read the whole document first.  If you are experiencing obstacles, know that there is an influx of creative solutions for you. There is help coming at great speed, in the Spiritual and Physical levels. This will shift the energy of the week to new levels. Your inner fire is ignited and you take a leap on something that will change your life in amazing ways. Well done!



From: The Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish & The Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine



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