Interactive Reading December 29th, 2018 to January 4th, 2019


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Happy Saturday! Today we say goodbye to 2018 with a grateful heart. Choose your New Year’s Eve fireworks image to unlock your intuitive message for the week. The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3


The Reveal




1–   As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the new year…I am shown orange as a powerful color for you. The Universe asks…What is that you want? if you are unsure…dig down and find the spark of joy that makes your heart sing. Welcome 2019 incorporating orange such as wearing the color, make up or even crystals. Movement is key for you. Start by activating your sacral chakra with a good dose of dancing. The new year is about taking action. Action creates momentum. Whatever your wish is…begin the year by moving forward without looking back. Quicken your spirit by taking action now. Some may need to face fears in order to do so but the rewards will be so worth it. What blocks you from acting and how can you overcome it? In what area of your life should you take action? The new year is about foundation and achievements. You will definitely see results for all your hard work and will celebrate your many victories. You so deserve it!


Affirmation: “I enthusiastically embrace life’s boundless possibilities”




2–  The energies surrounding you as we wave goodbye to 2018 and welcome the new year is ‘Truth’. We mentioned earlier this month that the connection to our Inner Light was vital in order to understand our reality and live in truth. This is extremely important for you. The new year is about the heart. Living your truth.  The first four months of 2019 are specially important as you transition into a sense of boredom and discontent to fulfillment and joy. This is possible by dwelling in Truth. Take time to be still and discover that genuine place of knowing within. 2019 is about living in alignment with your own light and living in integrity. You are clearing house in that regard. Whatever does not align with your heart and deepest truths will stand in the light so that you can no longer avoid making a decision. Remember that the direction for you is fulfillment of wishes, so the result will be well worth the pain of acknowledging hard truths. The time is now!


Affirmation: “I stand in the Light of Truth”




3–  The energies of 2019 are now entering and you can already feel the shift. The new year is all about awareness and realizing your innate power of creation. You are a creator! What reality would you like to experience? You can set ideas in motion and watch them grow. Positive change is written all over you and negativity fades away as you accept what is.  You possess all the necessary tools to shift your life and ground your dreams into reality by taking action. The first two months of 2019 encourage you to make decisions, choose a path and move in that direction. This is a very active year for you and the good news is that you are transforming your world in a powerful way. Know that even if things are not manifesting as fast as you desire, there is movement forward. The fact that you do not yet see the results does not mean that you are failing. I hear that accepting the process is key. It is about Divine Timing! Trust! <3


Affirmation: “I accept and embrace my inner majesty”




4–  2018 was hard for you…the word I hear is ‘sacrifice’. You have worked really hard to achieve something of great importance. I hear that now is the time to let go and surrender so that you have room to receive. Your work in that regard is done. Now watch the unfolding…and your world transform powerfully. This is a good moment to pause, rest, reflect and meditate. Your life is truly guided and your intuition is the key that opens the door of opportunity in the new year. 2019 symbolizes a new beginning…you are birthing something extraordinary. I am also directed to the heart center and I hear that there is a a physical birth or new relationship ( even marriage taking place in 2019).  The project that you have been nurturing and sacrificing for this year is finally ready to manifest. This is the right time! There is also a talent within that wants to be born and for that you need to be open to explore it and share it with the world, The end result is opening the heart to higher vibrations and loving energy of the universe.


 Affirmation: “I am bringing forth new and dynamic energy into the world”


From: The Gateway Oracle by Denise Linn & Psychic Tarot by John Holland




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