Interactive Reading December 22nd to 28th, 2018

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Happy Saturday! Today we celebrate the beginning of Winter (or Summer), the last Full Moon of 2018 and Christmas. To unlock your intuitive message, connect to your higher self and choose the tree that you are most drawn to. The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3

The Reveal


1–   This week it becomes clear to you that you are undergoing a deep cleansing and purification in preparation for new levels if spiritual wisdom, power and light. This is an advanced phase of Soul Growth and you will enjoy greater spiritual peace and divine power. The word that comes to me is advancement. I sense that you have experienced delays and blocks that are there to connect you to your inner power. The phoenix appears as a symbol of rebirth from the ashes. It was not easy but you are here for a reason. Your guides show that you are right on track and that the choice that you make today, aligns with your purpose. Do not be afraid to choose a path and commit to it.  I am shown that part of the clearing is related to your childhood and wounded inner child. You are now the phoenix flying high…powerful and free…where do you want to go? The world is yours to explore and enjoy. <3


2–  The focus for you this week is timelines and awareness of our creative power. We never stop creating! Goddess Kuan Yin shows that we weave our reality. It is time to weave your future into your present moment. You can draw to you the opportunities, teachings, circumstances and synchronicities waiting for you. These new reality enables your Soul to its divine destiny with greater abundance, bliss and creative fulfillment.  The vibration to work with is Gold…and connection to Solar energies. I hear that if you open your heart to the expansive solar energies, you can draw in more light and fulfillment. I am connecting to the energy of a person entering your life, either as a potential relationship or partnership. In any case, the purpose is to assist you in reaching your goals. The word I hear is ‘alignment’.. This is an expansive and prosperous time that you are entering.  What an amazing new beginning!


3–  This week you are between two worlds…I am shown that you are experiencing inner conflict between what your outer world requires of you and how your own spirit directs you. You have had many incarnations dealing with this polarity, either fulfillment spiritually or physically. You can integrate both and live in perfect harmony. I am shown that you have reached that time of completion and rewards after many lifetimes. Notice how you feel this week. The word I get is ‘whole’. Your Spirit guides are supporting you in making choices that align with your intentions. Your discernment allows you to stay true to your values without getting caught up in distractions. The polarity applies to higher and lower vibrational choices…and that’s why you are able to sense if you are in alignment or not because of the opening and expansion of your heart center.  See every situation from the heart instead of appearances. You will live your truths and take excellent care of your Soul.


4–  This week is so deep and Spiritually driven. As I connect to this energy I feel light and joyous.  I am shown that this week represents a threshold. It feels like a  Spiritual Initiation. It could be that you have consciously made that decision, or that what you are experiencing feels like an initiation. There is definitely a before and after and the threshold is this week.  The word I hear is ‘shift’. It is a sacred passing through a veil of karma into a new life of empowerment, peace, spiritual service to humanity and joy. This is a cycle of Soul liberation and freedom of love and triumph over fear.  I am shown the violet flame of transmutation surrounding as you prepare to take action. It is allowing you to connect to your power, purpose and direction. You are able to perceive the light of the divine even underneath the density of fear…and you are shifting to a love based embodiment.  Well done! There is so much love and celebration about this shift for you! Remember that the only defense ever needed is unconditional love in the heart. <3.


From: The Akashic Tarot from Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor & Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild.


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