Interactive Reading December 15th to 21st, 2018

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Happy Saturday! This week we are going to choose one or more of the above Christmas ornaments to unlock your message for the week. The reveal is available below. Enjoy the messages! . <3

The Reveal


1–   This week pay attention to your emotions and focus on feeling good.  I am shown a beautiful terracotta color that invites us to connect with your support system. Be a friend or ally and be there for others when they need you as well. Most importantly Spirit would like you to go out with your friends and support system to simply enjoy each other’s company, to have fun times together! Meet up for a nice cup of coffee, lunch, concert or other fun event. Why not? It will revitalize your life force.  Energetically, you seem to be experiencing a time when destiny meets synchronicity. Spirit has your back! Expect lucky breaks, things turning out perfectly, a positive movement forward.  The more you focus on and stay in a joyous vibration, the more fortune you attract into your life. 


2–  Your color vibration this week is white…and it refers to the vibration of pure light.  Spirit wants you to lighten up and look at the week ahead as a new beginning in which you leave the heavy stuff behind. You are divinely guided gently and lovingly to your inner and outer sanctuary. That is the space that is sacred. Your physical vessel and home are purified and renewed energetically. Do you feel lighter? More  inspired? Connected? It  is ok to retreat to this inner sanctuary and go inwards to retrieve guidance. If you need to make a decision, reflect on your heart’s true desires and access your divine guidance. Then ground your dreams in reality by taking action. Hard work pays off…start that project! You have the ability to attract what you need. 


3–  This week the energies point to your ancestry and family. Where is home? I also get a sense of ancestral lines and knowledge that is passed on. I hear that if you need to make a decision the best way forward is to seek advise from your family or ancestors.  The color vibration is Fawn.  Somehow I sense that this week you will clear a blockage in your root chakra and you will notice an increase in vitality.  I hear that there is a need to heal a pattern involving you trying to please everyone and as a result denying your own needs.  This can potentially drain your life force. The best way forward is setting healthy boundaries and communicating your needs.  Let go of false truths and be rigorously honest with yourself and others. You will gain clarity of purpose and direction. 


4–  This week color vibration is brown and it shows the need to ground yourself without delay. I am shown that your root chakra is weak and needs attention.  If you are unable to spend time outdoors because of the weather, you can wear smokey quartz or wear vetiver or frankincense essential oils.  The reason why grounding is so important for you is because of awareness.  Being consciously awake and aware, ready for the excitement life has to offer. The forces of the universe are propelling you in the direction of your destiny. Search for the essence of what is authentic, true and real for you. The energy of the fool shows up strongly and it represents adventure and enthusiasm.  This week is about taking a leap of faith and trusting that anything is possible….<3

From: The Color Mage Oracle by Bernard Charles,  Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lin  & The Good Tarot by Colette Baron-Reid


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