Interactive Reading August 5th to August 11th, 2019


Interactive Reading August 5th

Another beautiful week!

Are you ready to start a new week full of positive, happy vibes????

This week we have three choices: Peridot, Citrine and Blue Topaz.

These are three of my favourite crystals! Since I just celebrated my birthday, I am going to make this week’s interactive reading extra special by working with a brand new tarot deck that I gifted myself. 

What Crystal are you drawn to?

The reveal is available below.

Enjoy the messages!




Interactive Reading Reveal


Option 1

This is a fantastic week for you! If you have been feeling blocked …or that you don’t see any progress or results …This is it! Your path is open and  as the card ‘Wandering Path’ shows, what truly matters  is to enjoy the journey. You don’t always need to know where you are going…but it is important to always be present. Embrace everything that you encounter on your path and know that it is for your highest good. As I look at the card, I see a treasure map, a compass and a magical companion, the fox. I sense that it means that you have all the tools and skills to embark on this journey and that all you need is to take each moment as it comes. Embracing the magic of the unknown. What is interesting is that there is an additional card that complements this message and that is “Unknown Territory”. The message is that you are exactly where you need to be, even if you are not consciously aware of it.  Keep going forward with your heart open…even if you cannot see clearly where you are heading and you don’t have all the answers…follow your heart, even if your brain does not agree. Celebrate this expansion as this is the ultimate test of trust. Can you see your magical companions? Birds always reminds me of freedom. The owl represents wisdom. I sense that this is a journey that takes you to a deeper understanding about yourself, and also tapping into your wisdom. Looking at this image I can help but imagine a pilgrim walking the path towards a holy site but discovering the the journey itself was the biggest blessing. That is what this week is all about.

The color tarot cards shows that violet and white are the vibrations for you. We are directed at the Crown chakra. The King represents universal protection which I sense it is related to your journey to let you know that you are safe.  Universal forces are conspiring to fulfill your request that I sense is related to the material world. I hear that are further along that you think and that financial contentment is in the horizon.  Additionally the card of the Major Arcana “The World” Shows up to complement the “King of Coins” just in case you had any doubts. :-).  This card is connected to the eight chakra and rainbow vibrations. It represents completion, transformation and success. The energy of this card is about Manifesting Secrets of the Universe.  <3. I can’t wait to hear from you about your magical week!

Interactive Reading August 5th


Option 2

 This is a very introspective week for you! The first card “Finding Sanctuary” represents the opening to your spiritual source. I sense that it means that you are going within instead of looking for answers outside of yourself. Looking at the image I see a beautiful tower high up over the clouds. It gives me a sense of going beyond your mind, leaving your thoughts behind for a time. I am also directed at your sanctuary… that means your body and your home. Take care of it, and spend time this week making changes to help you feel comfortable and at peace. This week is very much a time to rest, rejuvenate and tune into your spiritual source. The card below “Solitude” complements this message. I love that your magical companion, the owl appears to let you know that solitude allows you to tap into your inner wisdom. The message is that in silence, peace prevails. It is time to retreat and quiet the noise, not only of your outer world, but also your inner world. This is not the time to venture forth with a new project, or a new cycle. This is the time to step back and be still. Seek solitude and everything you need to know will be revealed. Find serenity no matter what is going on around you.

The color tarot card for you reveal that this rest is necessary for you to connect with the heart. The green card ‘Four of Swords” connects with the energy of the heart chakra. For you it means “solitary preparation”. It is a card of meditative contemplation.  The planning and thinking is all done and what is required of you is to decide if this is the path of your heart’s true desires. On another note, I hear that your heart may be preventing you from pursuing what is not right for you. Take this time to rest and contemplate…this is a much needed break! Your second tarot card is the major arcana “The Moon”. The keyword is learning through the light of your Shadow Self. It is connected to the fifth chakra and the blue vibration. You are being given the chance to review the message you send our invisibly to the universe. Are you cultivating something that you don’t want but haven’t yet seen clearly? In the light of the moon we can clearly see where we’ve come from and what we have…and specially will illuminate whatever internal behaviour is pulling you off track. When we are willing to see what is preventing us from clarity, we become the master of our own destiny. Are you ready to recommit to your inner courage and true path?

Interactive Reading 5th August


Option 3

 This week you are guided to take a break: Lie back, rest and relax is the guidance from the “Watching Clouds” card. If you look at the image, you can see a very colorful setting under a tree, with a book, a book and pillows to have a great time. The guidance from Spirit is to put everything aside and take time to renew your energy. It is usually when you relax that new insights and awareness can emerge. Stop all activity, rest, breathe, watch clouds…:-). The keywords are ‘Renewing’ and ‘Regenerating’. I am also directed at the card below “Overcoming Obstacles”, the guidance is that you can overcome anything. I sense that there is something that have taken a lot of your energy and that resting is vital for you to move past that situation. There are many ways to go beyond any obstacles and perhaps that explains why you need to t rest so that you can clearly see how to approach it. If your path is blocked, find another. You have all the resources so trust in your ability, not only to overcome the difficulty but to thrive as a result. Looking at the image, we can see a sword with a heart…that connects with inner power and the bird supports you in achieving freedom. 

Your Color Tarot cards are very complementary as well. The “Nine of Sword” relates to the sacral chakra and the color vibration is orange. You feel emotionally defeated because of what is going on in your life. I am shown that you are experiencing deep grief. If you are emotionally burned out, rest.  The card of the ‘King of Coins” relates to the throat chakra and the color vibration is blue.  This is the energy that will move you from emotional pain to focused intention. This is a very important energy for you as this is teaching you that what the universe receives from you will bring what you energetically asked for. You are guided to evaluate the energy that you put out. What message are you sending to the universe? be mindful of the way you communicate about you and your life. Use words of power. This is also a confirmation that affirmations and mantras can help you overcome energetic obstacles. You can change the outcome by changing your energy! Finally, the Knight of coins implies news of material gain. 🙂

Interactive Reading 5th August


From: The Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn and The Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman. 

*Disclosure: There are some affiliate links above and I may receive commissions (at no cost to you) for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products/oracle cards that I regularly work with and I highly recommend. 


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