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4/4 Crystal Grid Activation








BlueAlchemy is thrilled to make available these Crystal Grid energy activations series which will take place every month of 2019.
Each month, I will give details of the specific activation . Our next Crystal Grid Activation Event will be 4/4/19, and it is open to everyone to join.

Access Event – with Group and Individual Feedback $25

Your event ticket includes instructions in the PDF manual, pictures of the event, certificate and feedback. When preparing the activation I tune in as a group, and then individually so I do work with each participant remotely.  I send instructions to all participants prior to the event, so please sign up early as I will close registration 3 hour prior to beginning activation. This is because I will be preparing the sacred space and meditating to center myself.  I will close my computer and other electronics to ensure the purity of the Crystal Grid Activation. Beginning April, 2019 you can now purchase the ‘Blue Box’, which contains a Crystal Grid kit and a Blessed Candle Trio, specially prepared for the energies of the month. It is specifically prepared to work during the month of the activation. 

Crystal Grid Energy Activation Series Calendar

January – 1/1
February – 2/2
March – 3/3
April- 4/4
May- 5/5
June- 6/6
July- 7/7
August- 8/8
September- 9/9
October – 10/10
November – 11/11
December – 12/12

4/4 Crystal Grid Energy Activation 
This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

It is time to connect with your Creative Fire! Are you ready?

April’s energies are very powerful. When Spirit first showed me what the ‘Creative Fire’ is all about, I was excited and a little hesitant at the same time. The reason is that it pushes you away from your comfort zone. It propels you to areas where you did not know you could go. It gets you moving.

To move, we need to first connect to our passion and realize the things that makes us happy.  What makes you light up? Is there anything you are truly wishing for?

I have come to realize that the Inner Fire is always there because it is the fuel directly from our Soul. Our own beliefs and fears block that light from being expressed.

Fire represents Spirit. When you release this fire, you release your own Spirit so that you can co-create your reality in alignment with your Soul plan, This fire is all about creation because there are no limits to what you can achieve when you sync. with the power of your Soul.  It is liberating. When things don’t work, you are not in alignment. That is not necessarily bad. It can be a blessing if that was not your path. It could be that you had too many blocks and stagnant energies that blocked your creativity. That’s why, Spirit showed that April is the time to get in alignment with your Inner most powerful Self.  When you do so, there are no doubts regarding your path. There is a deep knowing and understanding. You know who you are.

April is also about grounding and also setting up our foundation. We live on a physical reality and as such, we need to anchor our Creative Fire into the Earth.

 Four is the number of structure. four pillars, four elements, four directions, four bodies. The energies of April invites us to integrate fully in this reality.

The Power Symbol of this activation is a Sacred Grid of Light. You are at the center of it. (Symbol will be shared in manual)

From the very center of your own Soul…extending through time and space to this reality, in this now moment, anchoring into Mother Earth…and then expanding outwards in every direction. At the same time, allowing the four directions to support us by activating each of our four bodies. 

The Four Crystals that we will be working with are specially important because all of them combined, clear and activate each chakra. Each also aligns with on of the four directions/elements. The colors I was shown are:  Orange, Ivory, Pumpkin and some bright Golden Yellow.

The manual provides detailed information about the crystals, the color energies and the Goddesses that will be supporting us to initiate this amazing transformation.

After the 4/4 Activation you may experience: 

  • A renewed Connection with your Self.
  • Inspiration
  • Breaking through blocks
  • Clearing fears
  • Positive changes
  • Clarity about your life purpose
  • High energy and vitality
  • Unclogging of your creative flow
  • Brilliant ideas that can be manifested in the now
  • Rapid Manifestation
  • Feeling more connected to life.
  • Movement


4/4Crystal Grid Activation 

Each participant will receive instructions in PDF manual so that you know how to prepare to receive these transformational energies.  
This Activation will begin at 4 pm EST, and will last until 6 pm. You will be given instructions to receive the energies in real time, or to receive the activation via call-in method whenever is convenient for you. Please note that both methods are equally powerful and effective. To join simply choose your preferred ticket from options below. 

* You can now choose to purchase your Blue Box with your Crystal Grid Kit and Blessed Candle Trio. Available in US only at this time. I will let you know once I can ship overseas.

Look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Infinite Gratitude




Launching the Blue Box

What is the Blue Box?

The Blue Box is a monthly box that is custom made, and aligned with the specific energies of the month. 

The Blue Box is mailed before the Crystal Grid Activation, and can be enjoyed with the Activation Event, or as a stand alone sacred toolbox.

Each month the box will contain a Crystal Grid Kit and a Blessed Candle Ritual trio. Each crystal is specifically selected, cleared and blessed for you. The Monthly Blessed Candle Ritual Trio will be prepared by adding specific oils, and consecrating each one individually prior to packing and shipping. 

  The Blue Box includes instruction cards with all the information to allow you to enjoy its magical essence at home, whenever its convenient to you. 

Additionally, if you join the 4/4 Crystal Grid Activation, you will receive a PDF manual with event instructions, an distance activation and certificate.

I have tuned into the energy of the month in order to provide magical tools to first, tap into the potential that April brings,  to then acknowledge and work through challenges, to finally gain clarity and direction to create that which fills your life with joy. It is the creative fire! 

You can read more by following this link.

Blue is a powerful vibration! There are many shades to blue and many pathways to healing and transformation. Our Healing begins within, by tapping into our Inner Power.

Are you ready to tap into your Creative Fire with this month’s Blue Box?? 


Purchase Your Event Ticket

Your purchase includes a PDF manual, distance energy activation, Group and individual feedback, images of the event and certificate.

Cost: $25

Add your Blue Box

Receive $5 off the cost of your box if purchased in combination with the Crystal Grid Activation event ticket.  Regular $35 ~ Your price $30

*Includes Shipping and taxes

Apply Coupon:  BLUEBOX5

Simply join the Crystal Grid Activation Event by adding service to your shopping cart and then add Blue Box to your cart as well. Then apply coupon at checkout to get the discount.

*Purchase deadline to receive box for event is Friday March 29th.

* Shipping within USA only at this time *


1/1 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted with Rosa from Door to Healing.

Rosa is my sister and to be specific she is my biological sister. ?. Rosa channels incredibly pure energies from the Great Mother. She has also developed her own healing method involving her soul wisdom as an energy alchemist. We have both been guided to tap into our inner magician to set the transformation stage for 2018.  Our Spiritual heritage is linked to high level guides or better said consciousness, known as the ‘keepers’. They are experts in manifestation.
2018 is a year ‘2’ of integration of polarities. It is vital to be focused and direct the energy in the right direction. For this reason. The first grid will be about opening to the magic of transformation.
Each participant will be invited to plant the seeds of creation by setting a clear, focused intention.By placing each seed in the Crystal Grid, you will begin the manifestation process. Specific light codes will also be transmitted to the group.

2/2 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted with Clara  from Leonine Healing

Clara is a channel for high dimensional Lion Beings from Lyra, Sirius and the Pleiades.  We have worked in several projects together such as the birthing of Web of Light Reiki. Clara is now devoted to her new projects which will bless many . We have both been guided to tap into our inner worlds through the emotional waters.  The second grid will focus on Emotional Healing through the Diamond Crystalline Grid.  It will also awaken our Crystalline Avatar through Pleiadian energy influx.
We will be channeling Ancient Whales, Mer People and Blue Beings from Pleiades as we have been shown that many of us are still clinging onto emotional pain at a cellular level. The ancient whales tell us that it is vital to heal and release it in order to achieve perfect balance. They can see it as stars within that are not bright.  Ancient Whales will aid us through the Diamond Crystalline Grid to clear and heal. There will be a noticeable re-calibration of the energy bodies as well.  Mer People and Blue Beings are showing that this healing is vital now to open up to more light coming through in March.


3/3 Crystal Grid Activation

Event will be co-hosted with Karine from Karine’s Soularium 

Karine is a Lightworker, an empath and indigo child. Her life purpose is to be your guiding Light. Like the lantern you can carry on your path, you can use her help to shed some Light when all you see is confusion, fears, uncertainty and doubt.
Karine is not afraid of working with you inside the depths of your shadow self, and light up the nooks and crannies that are craving to be seen and healed. Her work through Karine’s Soularium is to help her clients transform and live a happier, healthier life.
The third Grid will focus on achieving Clarity and connection to our Soul through the activation of our Christ Consciousness.
With the new influx of energies coming though in March, it is imperative that we align with our vision to move forward with purpose.
We need clarity of purpose, clarity of the choices we make, so we can mindfully make better ones…. Clarity sheds light on everything that happens and seems cruel, un-necessary, unwarranted etc….it helps us discover the lessons hidden etc… Clarity of spiritual connection so we can better identify our inner-knower speaking or know when our intuition nudges vs. our ego.
With this activation, we will anchor the Crystal Grid energies of the Sacred Triple Spiral.  3/3


4/4 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted with Rosa Garcia from Door to Healing

Rosa channels incredibly pure energies from the Great Mother. She has also developed her own healing method involving her soul wisdom as an energy alchemist. Rosa is particularly gifted in opening gateways and access high vibration energy streams that reach the recipient and therefore allow deep healing to take place.

The Fourth Grid will focus on removing blocks to allow our vision to become reality through the connection to Gaia and the Natural World. We have a clear vision but for some reason we are experiencing stagnation. We feel paralyzed to move forward. It feels overwhelming as we watch more and more stuff pile up and our energy decline. What to do? Spirit showed us that we simply require to go back to basics and reconnect to the wholeness of our Being. We require Trust in our strength and abilities. We know that our visions will become reality through hard work, commitment and confidence.  For that reason the vibration ‘4’ the four primal elements, the four cardinal directions, the four winds, and the four seasons. It represents the integration of each aspect of the self into a harmonious whole setting the structure and foundation to anchor more of the celestial energies into our physical realities. Four also represents the structure and foundation needed to progress in our own journeys.  4/4 crystal grid activation will work with the medicine wheel and four sacred spirals to to aid us in:
Dealing with stress
Changing direction,
Staying in balance
Gaining strength, stability, and confidence
Expanding knowledge of the natural world
Improving physical abilities and health


5/5 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted with Gretchen Hehlo

Gretchen is a graphic designer and energy worker living in the Ann Arbor area. She studies Reiki, Rahanni, Shamanism, and is always exploring the use of various tools and techniques for Healing and Communication.
Gretchen has a deep connection to Star energies and I truly enjoy her expansive yet grounded work.  Together we will channel the energies of 5/5 which focus on the key elements of 5 energy related to change and movement.

We will work with the Pentagon as way to activate the grid energies for Physical energy for health, activation, discovery, meeting challenges and expanding abilities. We will also place an etheric five pointed star pointing up to the higher realms to request protection and purification while bringing about higher states of consciousness and deep meditation, which will be useful for transmuting any negative energies in our environment.

5/5 Crystal Grid Activation Energies support change and movement in our lives which is something that most struggle with. Gretchen and I will be working with the expansive vision of the Medicine of the Eagle as the Spirit animal working with us. We have been receiving downloads of energy that stimulate the opening of our intuitive senses even further and in turn, allow us to truth and notice the things that we did not notice before.
This Activation will clear energies that block change and movement such as being too rigid or too yielding, impulsive, self indulgent, inconsistent, or impatient. We will activate the positive qualities that 5 brings such as flexibility, freedom , enjoyment of life, loving innovation and change, curiosity, versatility, balance approach to life and confidence


6/6 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted by Clara from Leonine Healing

On the Activation on 6/6 Clara from Leonine Healing and I will work together again through the gift of unconditional friendship.

Clara is a gifted multidimensional healer, clairvoyant, and channeler. We have collaborated in several projects together and this is the opportunity to work with the hexagon to bring into balance the female and male energies that are within us.  During this activation, the forces of creativity, joy and inner power will be unleashed the flow to each participant and reconnect with the energies of hope and compassion.

We will create a hexagonal grid as it is a great at transmitting information for any intention. We will also work with the Six pointed Star. The Star represents the  communion with the healing light of Source/God. It is known as the healing star of Jesus. As a symbol of teaching and healing. the vibration of this star is anchored on this Earth plane to activate the Christ Consciousness.

During the Activation, the Healing Light will rain down from the six pointed star, as held within this energy force is Wisdom, Power and Love. It represents the love held within every heart of humanity. This light will expand every cell, photon, and molecule of every participant activating healing at a high level.


7/7 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted by BlueAlchemy

On the Activation on 7/7 we will connect to the vibration of the mystical number ‘7’. Known as the number of the hermit in the tarot, always seeking for truth. it has gained it reputation of a lucky number for a reason. It connects to your inner knowing and intuitive abilities, as much as opening the gate to Spiritual enlightenment. Those that resonate with this vibration are creators in their own right. ‘7’ is the vibration of manifestation . It is the number of the universe. Seven is known as the bridge between worlds.

We will work with the septagram, Elven Star or ‘Fairy Star” which is a seven pointed star that represents the seven directions, the seven colors in a rainbow, the seven musical notes, the seven days in the week…to draw in more balance, completeness, integration, security and inspiration in our lives. In the Cherokee tradition a seven pointed star symbolizes peace. This activation will be performed completely of the grid surrounded by nature.

7/7 Crystal Grid Activation Energies

Each participant will receive instructions in PDF format so that you know how to prepare to receive these transformational energies.

8/8 Crystal Grid Energy Activation

This event will co-hosted by Jodie’s Healing Haven 

Jodie leads meditation and Goddess circles in Queensland, Australia and is a gifted intuitive and healer. Jodie enjoys working with the Nature Spirits, Angelic and Goddess energies to align with the Soul purpose and growth of the Spiritual community that she serves.

On the Activation on 8/8 we will connect to the vibration of the magical number ‘8’. Known as the number connected to abundance and the symbol of infinity.  The vibration of number ‘8’ remind us that abundance flows infinitely, and that it’s up to us to tap into it or not. We are to experience more of our inner power and sense of purpose and direction as we align with the 8/8 energies. We will create a crystal grid infused with the citrine magic vibrations …to celebrate the manifestation of our deepest wishes.

On 8/8 we welcome the Lion’s gate and celestial energies will allow us to connect with our Cosmic Brother’s and Sisters as the Star Sirius aligns in Orion’s belt as the sun beam down onto Earth, activating higher frequencies.

The Lionsgate is considered a gateway to heaven and into higher realms of consciousness. We will be activating our heart chakras and third eye to allow us to clear up blockages.

When Jodie and I connected to the energies of 8/8 we felt the presence of celestial beings offering their love , wisdom and support. These high frequencies of love and light will beam down in what seems spirals of light into our heart and third eye to help us gain purpose and clarity. We will connect with the powerful protective energies of Goddess Sekhmet and compassion of Hathor,  Our communications channels will activate greatly and will allow us to open to the truths revealed.

Bast is overseeing this activation and infusing us with trust in our own power and instincts, which is very interesting because of the strong feline energy as the Lions gate opens. I hear that this activation and the opening of the gate marks a new phase of growth in which we are able to anchor more light into the planet with the help of White Eagle and Gaia.

9/9 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be co-hosted by Clara from Leonine Healing

Clara Mariaka is a powerful Healer, Channel and clairvoyance among other gifts. We have collaborated in many projects together such as Web of Light Reiki System. Clara performs amazing fire ceremonies with the aim of clearing and transmuting negativity in all forms.

On the next Activation on 9/9 we will connect to the vibration of the powerful number ‘9’. Known as the number of endings and new beginnings. It is directly linked to our cycles of growth and how we move up and down our own personal wheel of life. This wheel is our creation. We begin and end cycles because we are to learn and grow…. That’s why our Soul signed up to be here!

We will create a Crystal Grid that will be activated and the energies running for 72 hours. This is due to the New Moon energies on the 9/9. As you can see…it is the perfect time to release and focus on the things that we want to attract. New Moon Energy is about beginnings, innocence and creativity . This energy provides an opportunity to begin and choose paths that are new and undefined. Let’s focus on sculpting our desires and shaping our future!

Since we are ending a cycle and beginning a new one…the New Moon energy is about rebirth, a time to let go of what has been and forgive ourselves of whatever wrongs we think we may have done and begin anew. It is the time to plant the seeds of
our desires and call upon the knowledge and wisdom of the Ancient ones and Elders to guide us in this work. We will be working with the energies of 9 Goddesses including Kali Ma.

“Kali Ma is God’s power manifest in the feminine trinity of Maiden, Mother, Crone. She is often feared and seen as murderous and violent. In truth, she only slaughtered demons. Her gift is to cut away the ego and allow one to see that connection to this life is only illusion. She offers you strength to cut away all elements of destruction,attachment to people and possessions and to face all forces that threaten and prevent you from being who you incarnated to be” From Lisa Ladywolf Center

On 9/9 we will call in our Ancestors and guides and work with the 9 Goddesses that will bring forth nine levels of energies needed to close this cycle and begin the new one. It is about balancing the shadows and light. Release and draw in. This is the eternal wheel of creation…the seasons of time. We will represent this eternal wheel by creating crystal grid with a star and a circle. We will provide further details and instructions for those that sign up.

10/10 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

It is a great pleasure to facilitate the next Crystal Grid Energy Activation. October is a very special time for me. Last year I connected with the Masters of Light and initiated the process of Channeling Magenta Chamber of Light. Now that I look back I realize that it was and it is indeed, a very powerful frequency of light that dissolves negativiyt,y and activates our Higher path. By that I mean, our higher purpose through the connection to your Divine Self.  Your Divine Self is the purest expression of your Self. It is closest to Source. 

On the next 10/10 Crystal Grid Activation  we will connect to the vibration of the powerful number ’10’. Known as the vibration of potential manifestation.  When we activate Unity, Power and Stability and focus on pure service, we work we the highest vibrational energies available. 10/10 contains the yin/yang balance of the make and female aspects of divinity. When activated to this frequency you can expect an opening of your intuitive channels due to the connection to your Divine Self.

We will create a Crystal Grid that will be activated and the energies running for 48 hours. This activation may feel a little different because the Masters of Light will be transmitting specific Light frequencies that pulsate at a much higher rate than for example Reiki. It does not mean that this is a ‘better’ way, It is simply a ‘different’ way.  If you have never heard from the Masters of Light, they are Master Guides that appear to me as a group consciousness. When I first connected with them I saw colors and shapes rather than humanlike forms. Their energy is very pure and gentle. In their communications they have offered to help us open to our Divinity Self and acknowledge our manifestation potential.

It is my understanding that they do not experience duality. For the Masters Light equals potential. If there is Light, there is potential.  There will be a message from the Masters that I will share after the activation, and also personal message for those that choose the individual feedback option. 

11/11 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

It is a great pleasure to facilitate the next Crystal Grid Energy Activation.  As you probably noticed, the last few weeks have been very challenging energetically. The last few days were specially dense. We had no choice but to face our inner demons. To make peace with ourselves.  Imagine the scales of balance …Is your scale lighter or heavier? we are releasing the heaviness that we have been carrying within,  so that Spirit recognizes the need for more peace and light…resulting in a more balanced state. 

The frequencies of 11 11 11 bring a wave of balance and peace…if you tune in, you can feel a shift. How does it feel to you? that is the first step of this activation and that is Balance and Peace. From that place, we can then tap into the potential field and that is truly what 11 11 11 is all about. Potentiality. These activation facilitate the opening to your true potential. 


On the next 11/11 Crystal Grid Activation  we will connect to the vibration of the powerful portal sequence 11 11 11.  Known as the vibration of pure potentiality and manifestation. This portal will be open for 11 days. This is a year 11 and it is no coincidence that we are feeling these energies strongly as if the new year begins now. In a way…it is. 

My guides showed me that 11 days from the opening take us to Thanks giving day here in the USA. Coincidence?  We celebrate it on the 22nd, the day of the Goddess. It symbolizes an opening to possibilities and choice through receptivity. Are you open to experience magic in your life? Allowance and acknowledging the good and beauty in our lives…thanks giving is the best way to close this portal.  Being grateful and with an open heart. <3.

We will create a Crystal Grid that will be active for the 11 days.  I am guided to work with melody stone,pyrite, citrine, copper and clear quartz. I will provide a picture for you to tune in. There is no need for you to have these crystals as I will be channeling the energies for you with the activation. This is a synergy of vibrations to activate your light grid in order to access more of the light of the 11 11 11 portal. 

12/12 Crystal Grid Energy Activation

This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

It is a great pleasure to facilitate the next Crystal Grid Energy Activation.  As you already know…this is the last month of 2018. Have you noticed how fast it went by? It is no coincidence. We are supposed to notice and be more aware of the dynamics of our Universe. 

12/12 is a powerful portal it symbolizes an opening and closing as well. There is a deep sense of completion when I tune into 12/12 frequencies. It feels very different than last year.  If you recall, last year’s event focused on activating our cosmic connection. Today, the focus is expanding our light through the Cosmic Light Grid.

We are infinite Beings in an infinite Universe. The tree of life represents that expansiveness of creation upon creation that is infinite and eternal.  The guides stressed the importance of understanding the expansiveness of our nature and light, because this awareness allow us to tap into more of our gifts through the Cosmic light Grid. 

The frequencies of 12/12 will bridge our world from that of limited resonance to that of cosmic resonance. To simplify this concept, imagine water in a glass container inside a room where high frequency sounds are played…What happens? It is limited and expands to the size of that container. On the other hand, if the water is in the ocean…it will respond differently because it will be able to expand, and expand.  Now imagine that our light is that water and the construct of 3-D is that container. It is necessary that we position ourselves in the ocean in order to expand. We do so by consciously acknowledging the fact that we are citizens of the universe. We are multidimensional beings.  12/12 will allow us to focus on our multidimensional selves, and expand our light through the Cosmic Light Grid.

There is a very important part of this process that will be facilitated by the Great Mother, the Goddess/ Creator energy, that process is opening to love. Light is love. When we activate our Cosmic Light Grid, we activate our Cosmic Heart as well. 

12/12 is the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, it is no coincidence since the frequency of 12 is that of unconditional love. The mother energy creates, births, supports, nourishes, loves, protects …and is non judgemental. Compassion is allowance.

On the next 12/12 Crystal Grid Activation  we will create a grid that will include the color spectrum frequencies. Did you know that there are many more color frequencies? These cannot be seen on a 3-D world, however we can work with these frequencies in different ways. Feeling is definitely the way I find most natural, but I trust the guides will provide more information during the event. 🙂


1/1 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

2019 is finally here! Can you feel the shift? I can already feel the new energies and I like how different it feels, however, it will still be a fast paced year.  When tuning in I am shown the image of the Phoenix as a power symbol for 2019.

How does the Phoenix relate to the 1/1 activation? it represents the emergence of our true self with the power and fire of our passion and drive. The phoenix represents the fire of our Soul. No matter what happened in the past…we are leaving it behind and moving forward. The Phoenix shows that our focus and energy aligns with our Soul.  We take action purposely.  There is no stagnation and procrastination when the Phoenix is active. 

The 1/1 Crystal Grid Activation opens the connection to our own personal Phoenix and instills within us the fire to emerge from the ashes as the best version of ourselves that we can be.  The energies will activate our higher chakra system in order to fine tune our gifts. These gifts will play an important role this year. We are not only reconnecting and retrieving with lost parts of our Soul, but we are also bringing back the wisdom and knowledge that has been buried deep in the ashes.

Activating your Inner Phoenix represents blending in the many aspect of your Self. The most important aspect of the activation is the integration of your selves into a whole. In 2019 we will be experiencing more and more the multidimensional nature of our reality and that’s why this upgrade will allow us to integrate easily.  Operating from that place will ease the discomfort of the new vibration that speeds our notion of time, and will only continue to become more dramatic for those vibrating with the old energy. 

The polarity between the old and new energy will become more obvious but as a multidimensional being, you intuitively know how to avoid being dragged into the dramas of the old world. You will be centered and grounded, Being present allows you to flow with the frequencies of 2019 and therefore experience harmony and ease in your every day life

During the activation we will welcome the Keepers of the Wisdom* to activate the etheric crystal grid that we will create during the event. Each one of us will receive this etheric grid as part of the activation, including individual color vibrations that will be channeled according to what we need individually and as a group.  Each participant will also receive an etheric wand that will serve two purposes…protection and attraction.  I will give further details regarding the crystals we will be working with, and the uses of your etheric wand in the Event PDF instructions.

*The Keepers of the Wisdom are a group of highly evolved beings that are experts in manifestation and creation, I call them the magicians because they are true wizards in every sense.  Their focus is to assist us in remembering our gifts and work in the service of the light.  They have communicated to me that many lightworkers have been targeted by lower vibrational energies through human hosts that are familiar with magic or even dark arts. The etheric wand will serve a dual purpose of protection and attraction( Magic). 



2/2 Crystal Grid Activation

This event will be hosted by BlueAlchemy

 As we enter the second month of 2019, we are getting a better sense of the energies of the year.

Did you feel tired, drained or completely exhausted? Did you also experienced lethargy, mood swings and intense feelings? A need to end something abruptly? Did you feel negative about your life? Your achievements? Where you even tempted to start all over?

If you answer ‘yes’ to some if not all of the above, let me tell you that you are not alone. We are truly in the midst of a huge transformation, and we are feeling the discomfort and pain of peeling off layers upon layers of stuff.

We begun the activation series with the Phoenix and our magical wand…so that we can re-discover our talents and gifts because we will need them to navigate the transformation that 2019 brings.

The 2/2 activation will focus on the heart center.

The reason is that the Phoenix energy is very catalytic in nature, it is fiery and powerful. If you remember the drawing…there was a big hot pink heart that represented the need to open our heart center, in order to allow love frequencies to assist us.

The time to do so is now! We have been conditioned to believe that February is the month of relationships resulting in feelings of loneliness and failure for those that have not found ‘the one’. Let me tell you something …’the one’ is YOU! Let’s move past that conditioning, and connect to the true source of love that is within us.. The cosmos within…a million stars orbiting …and the outer space …As we focus on the vibration of 2/2 we are working on balancing the duality of our life here on Earth.


2/ 2 Crystal Grid Activation works by:

  • Balancing our male/female energies
  • Linking our micro and macro cosmos
  • Integrating the Light and Shadow Self
  • Allowing the energies of the Cosmos and Mother Earth to fill your every cell, and nourish you from the inside out
  • Opening the heart center and experiencing the frequency of love freely and unconditionally.
  • Healing of past trauma
  • Remembering who you are and acknowledging the bigger picture… your mission.
  • Gaining clarity about your life purpose
  • Feeling energized and inspired
  • Opening to receive information directly from your Higher Self
  • Filtering High Vibrational energies and therefore attracting more love and joy.
  • Repelling low vibrational/ toxic energies
  • Experiencing relationship fulfillment.
  • Loving the Self


Why is the vibration of number ‘2’ so important right now?  Because it opens the flow of giving and receiving. Mother/ Creator/Goddess

The color vibration resonating with this activation is Pink, Hot Pink, Lavender, White and Light Blue.

We will be working with the Mother of Compassion Kuan Yin, The Healing Light of Mother Mary, the Unconditional Love Frequency of Mary Magdalene, Release and Balance with Maat and Insight, beauty and purity with Hathor.


During the activation we will be placed on a sacred circle and will call in our guides, ancestors and angelic beings…we will then welcome the Goddesses to activate the Etheric Crystal Grid that we will create during the event. Each one of us will receive this etheric grid as part of the activation.


I will also work with colors and will add channeled art to this activation as well. 😊

This activation includes an exercise to magnetize an object that will carry these frequencies, almost like a battery so no matter what goes on in your environment, love frequencies will flow continuously resulting in more vitality and inspiration.

For those choosing the individual feedback option, there will be a Goddess message for you as well as additional insights.

2/2 Crystal Grid Activation Energies

Each participant will receive instructions in PDF format so that you know how to prepare to receive these transformational energies.  
This Activation will begin at 2 pm EST, and will last until 4 pm. You will be given instructions to receive the energies in real time, or to receive the activation via call-in method whenever is convenient for you. Please note that both methods are equally powerful and effective. To join simply choose your preferred ticket from options below. 

Look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Infinite Gratitude



3/3 Crystal Grid Activation


4/4 Crystal Grid Energy Activation


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