December Energy Forecast is about reviewing 2018 and completing tasks that will allow us to begin the new year centered and on purpose.

It amazes me that just when we are supposed to spend time going within to commune with the light of our Soul, and seek answers, clarity and purpose, is when we are the busiest because of the holidays. There are parties and events going on that involve eating and drinking, then let’s mention over spending…and shopping gifts. In a way, this robs us of peace and balance.

I am not saying that partying is bad, what I am saying is that too much of something is not ideal. Most people know that they are over doing it, and still keep going because that is what we do during the holidays. That is a form of escapism and procrastination. Putting life on hold to then pick up the pieces of the misbehavior in January. Getting on a budget, joining gym, starting a diet, etc seems to be the norm for the new year. In reality, if that is for our highest good and we know it…we should take action now, today if possible. Why wait?

Right before Thanksgiving I contemplated the possibility of beginning a journey that involves a very strict elimination diet. My rational mind immediately tried to put it off until January. Then I visualized my future Self in in January and realized that I want to be feeling better then, not beginning the journey feeling even worse. The decision was to just do it, and so I begun that day. Even though it took me a couple of weeks to adjust, I am way ahead than when I started. The lesson is to not procrastinate.

We are encouraged to break the mold this month, to do what is right for us and go back to basics. What is the real essence of the holiday? It is love. It is community. It is joy. It is compassion. It is hope. It is Light.

Go within and ask yourself if doing something specific brings more light, love, joy, hope and community to your life…if it does not, this is your chance to take a stand and say no to that. It is really simple.

It is important that you make your physical body a priority this month and the first year of 2019 specially. Take excellent care of yourself is what I hear. Practice self care and self love. Love yourself more. Spirit shows that the reason is connection. We will be able to absorb more light and repel negativity.  You attract what you are. Be the best version of you that you can possibly be. Can you think of a better farewell to 2018?

2018 has been a very fast year and if you notice time speed up pretty intensively. It did not change. Other years we had breaks when things slowed down. It did not happen in 2018 and It will not happen in 2019 either. The good news is that we can do something about it, and that is to stay present and live in the now.

Now more than ever, we must take time to recenter and reconnect with our light. As time speeds up, so does anxiety and frustration because we do not seem to get things done. Spirit shows that the way to break through is slowing down to then adjust our frequency to the faster pulsating photonic particles. It seems contradictory, right? In truth it is not. When you adjust to higher pulsating frequencies and open up to your own presence, you are in sync with your I am presence and the universe. You are embracing your multidimensional self.  You free yourself from the restrictions of the limited reality that collides with the expansive new reality.

In 2019, these two realities will continue to split and it will become more obvious because we will see more of the same, and at the same time we will experience more life and joy than ever. The choice is ours. I hear that we are our own Masters and our task is to steer our own boat in the direction that resonates with our Soul.  It is time to be responsible for the reality that we experience. We are accountable. That means that there are consequences to our choices and actions, but we are not judged by external forces. We do so.  We review what we have created and take ownership for it. That is what December is all about!

Stop, review, re-evaluate, re-connect, love and take action while remaining present.

I will post the 2019 forecast in a couple of weeks…meanwhile…live your light!

Love, Light and Magic





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