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“I worked with Bluealchemy over the years. I am so happy that our paths have crossed. She is so insightful with the readings, attunements, and overall knowledge. She is a great coach and I have grown so much with her direction. I was able to grow in meditation, but in my healing abilities. She is really about helping the person. She is easy to work with and you can tell she is natural with what she does. Words can’t really express my gratefulness. I would highly recommend” Kathy Boesen

Project Manager

“Working with Blueachemy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me on my spiritual journey. Lourdes is the most gifted healer I know and she is the only one I repeatedly keep coming back and planning to do so. Her amazing attunements helped me to awaken to my cosmic potential (connect with my star family) and really quicken my spiritual development and deepened my healing abilities in a way I could hardly imagine before. She helped me to clear some serious blockages in my life. Her readings are always spot on and helped me to make some important decisions in my life. She continuously channels new energies, one more interesting than the other and I keep being astonished by each of them and how powerful they are! She channels attunements of incredible purity. If I could, I would give her a thousand stars! I could not recommend her enough”. Clara Filipzcykova

Energy Healer

Blue is amazing and I’m not easily impressed. Her reading on accurate and very insightful. She has such a amazing ability to connect to the other side.The information that you receive from her reading-would take you years to figure out on your own. She gets to the point/issues you need to work on and how you can resolved them etc. It is always your choice-she gives you the guidance you need to fulfill them. I have developed an relationship with her and consider her a friend. she is the real deal. She is not looking to get rich, she truly wants to help people. She offers many different services-energy healing-reading. I highly recommend her and her services! I would give her 10 stars RoseMarie McCarthy

Realtor and Entrepreneur


December Energy Forecast

December Energy Forecast is about reviewing 2018 and completing tasks that will allow us to begin the new year centered and on purpose. It amazes me that just when we are supposed to spend time going within to commune with the light of our Soul, and seek answers,...

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June Energy Forecast ~ The Light is here to Stay

June Energy Forecast will be a little different since we are going deeper in the core energies of 2018.  I initially felt that June Energy would be all about the authentic Self and allowing our Light to shine.  But there is much more going on this month, and for that...

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May Energy Forecast ~ Time to Blossom

May Energy Forecast is about focusing on our own unfolding. Spring has finally made its appearance here in Michigan, and this has been one of the longest winters I remember. The good news is that suddenly when I least expected tulips blossomed at once!  May is...

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